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Where to buy Shakeology for less:

Following are the options where you can have Shakeology at cheaper rate:

  1.       Be a Team Beachbody Coach.
  2.       Be a Team Beachbody Club Member.
  3.       Monthly Autoship.
  4.       Get the Shakeology for free.
  5.       Purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack.

Here we have elaborated each option in deeply:

Option 1: Once you become Team Beachbody Coach, you can buy Shakeology at cheaper rate. In order to become a Team Beachbody Coach, you no need to coach anyone, you no need to sell anything neither you needs to buy anything, you just have to pay a membership fee. In fact, may Canadian and Americans become Team Beachbody Coach in order to save 25% on everything what Beachbody sells like Shakeology, E&E Energy and Endurance, P90X Results and Recovery and many other products.

Only the requirements is you should be over 18 years of age, have to pay one time membership fee which is $39.95 and after the first month of the enrollment it will be $15.95/Month. With these fees, Shakeology will be cheaper than retail price.

Option 2: Be a Team Beachbody Club Member and get 10% discount on every product. Moreover, you will get personalized diet plan, list of healthy recipes for your weight loss and nutrition tips. You will also be able to access training from VIPs like Charlene Johnson, Tony Horton, Debbie Siebers, Shaun T and many more. You can see their videos, study their motivational articles and ask your questions to them.

Option 3: Once you order any product with monthly auto ship, you will be charged just $2 every month so you can save per month $9 to $15. If you will not feel any health benefits within 30 days then you can give it back to the company for refund. Moreover, you can change your flavor, you can pause or cancel your autoship at any time.

Option 4: When you sell a single bag of Shakeology, you will earn $32.48. You just need to bring customers to Beachbody website and once they purchase any Shakeology or any other products, you will get little bonus on it. For an example, shipping cost and membership costs you $123.37 per month, if you will bring minimum 4 customers then you earn $32.48 x 4 Customers that means you will earn $129.92.

Option 5: If you are serious about losing weight and if you can show some massive result, you may get any amount between $30 to $100. This amount you will not get by cash reward but next time when you will purchase any product from Beachbody, they you will get discount on it. In this way, you will get double benefits, you will have a reason to lose weight and you are getting discount also to do that.        

So, above are the benefits to add up Shakeology in your diet and by applying above options, you will also have discount on it. Now to reduce your weight and to keep it maintained was never so easy and tasty.