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Why You Might Need a Podiatrist

Podiatrists are specialists who decided to study one specific area of the body. For example, a brain surgeon is a specialist and so is a gastroenterologist. Podiatrists have the unique ability to diagnose and treat issues with the feet, ankle, and lower leg, and they can help you with a number of problems. By visiting such a specialist, you may yet be able to avoid surgery, reduce the need for strong medications, and receive faster recovery.


Though your feet are an integral part of your overall body health, many people delay seeing their podiatrists or foot specialists for chronic foot problems until it is too late. Many wait to see these doctors simply due to the fact they do not recognise the signs and symptoms of a serious foot issue. By knowing what to look for, you can stop a problem long before you have no choice but to resort to painful treatments and long recovery times.

Swelling or Numbness

Feet that constantly become swollen or feel numb are a sign for concern, although this is not true if you experience this issue only occasionally. Regular swelling and numbness should be addressed by a trained podiatrist in Perth due to the fact that a number of factors could be at play. Tendonitis, a broken bone, a sprained ankle, or even an underlying infection are just a few of the reasons your foot might be swelling and going numb. If the swelling and numbness are combined with tingling or burning, you may have nerve damage, something many people with diabetes deal with as a symptom of their condition.

Thick Calluses or Corns

Corns and calluses are not serious problems but the underlying cause of them might be more problematic than you might think. Problems with the way you walk or the structure of your foot, including bunions and hammertoes, may be the reason for the corns and calluses that will not go away. If you try multiple home remedies to remove your corns and calluses without success, it may be time to get off your feet and visit a podiatrist for diagnosis, treatment, and expert advice. With his or her help, you should be able to fairly easily return your feet to their original state.

Painful Bunions

Bunions happen to a large percentage of the world’s population and you may begin to notice pain from yours whenever you wear your favourite shoes. The problem may be that you are wearing the shoes too tight and you need to loosen your shoes to reduce your pain. However, bunions are a deformity of the foot and it is only a matter of time before you will need to visit a podiatrist to actually correct the problem. Rather than never wearing closed-toe shoes again, take the time to visit your specialist and get the treatment you need to enjoy pain-free walking.

There are a number of other problems you may face in your life, such as heel spurs, and a podiatrist can find solutions with ease. With his or her help, you should be able to enjoy a more comfortable life for years to come.



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