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How can Elevit Help You with Pregnancy?


The phase of pregnancy is a challenging one when the body of a woman has to undergo a number of changes and the need for nutrients is at an increased level. The nutrients are essential to ensure good health of the mother and the baby. During pregnancy, mothers are often seen struggling to include extra nutrients in their diet to fulfill the needs of their body. In such times, Elevit pregnancy supplements can do the trick to balance the level of nutrients in the body.


What is Elevit?

This is a tablet containing minerals and vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and group B vitamins that play an important role in keeping the mother and the baby healthy. The iron source aids energy levels and provides all the folic acid that the body needs.

How can it Help?

Consumed once daily it is sufficient to bring you increased health benefits which can be understood in three phases.

Before Pregnancy

Consumption of the tablet should be started as soon as you are planning to have a baby. This will prepare your body for the health challenges ahead and adjust to the changes it will undergo. However, the tablet needs to be consistently taken throughout and even after the pregnancy.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, Elevit vitamins have a key role to play. Providing the body with all the essential minerals and vitamins it needs, the tablet helps keep dietary iron deficiency, a common problem during pregnancy at bay.

After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, the body may have lost on a lot of iron and other essential nutrition during child birth and therefore, continued consumption of the tablet is helpful to boost health. It also aids the nutritional needs of the mother while breastfeeding.

The iodine in the tablet also assists with the development of the child’s brain, reduces the chances of intellectual impairment, makes the children’s psychomotor development better and reduces the risk of the thyroid disease.

Consumed along with a healthy diet, Elevit can be your partner that can help you meet your body nutritional demands and stay in prime condition throughout the pregnancy phase from conceiving till breastfeeding, without being careless with the health of the mother or the baby. It has higher multivitamins and minerals as compared to other supplements and make up the perfect choice, ensuring the best nutritional support at their disposal.

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