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The Real Health Benefits of e-Cigarettes


The e-cigarette market is growing bigger and bigger each year, and with good reason. E-cigarette manufacturers are making leaps and bounds in recreating the experience of smoking a cigarette, and they are doing it with a product that reduces the risks of smoking.

However, many smokers are still on the fence about e-cigarettes. If you are one of the millions of smokers unsure whether they should switch, consider some of these important health benefits that e-cigarettes bring:


  1. Tar-Free Smoke

“Tar” is the term for the mixture of chemical residues that cigarettes leave in the respiratory systems of smokers. E-cigarettes contain chemicals as well, but the number and quantity of the chemicals is greatly reduced as compared to real cigarettes, to the point that e-cigarettes are considered “tar free.”

This is not to suggest that e-cigarettes are completely free of potentially harmful chemicals. There is still some debate over the health impact of the additives their vapours contain. However, there is no question that their reduced tar content is much better for your health, and that smokers are safer if they switch to e-cigarettes.

  1. Fewer Acute Respiratory Symptoms

Many smokers experience immediate respiratory symptoms from inhaling the smoke of real cigarettes. These symptoms include asthma, inflammation of the lungs, shortness of breath, and hoarseness.

Although e-cigarettes also emit vapours that can potentially irritate your respiratory system, such pronounced ill effects are unlikely. This is because the vapours from e-cigarettes are milder and typically less inflammatory than the coarse smoke emitted by cigarettes. Most smokers who switch from standard cigarettes to e-cigarettes provided by retailers like http://www.nucig.co.uk/ will experience a rapid reduction of acute respiratory symptoms. This can lead to major improvements in quality of life almost immediately.

  1. Controlled Doses of Nicotine

E-cigarettes do include nicotine. However, e-cigarette cartridges can be purchased with varying levels of nicotine, allowing users to determine the specific dosage that’s best for them. This can be very helpful for people looking to scale back their nicotine addictions gradually. Using e-cigarettes, it’s possible to gradually step down your nicotine intake, and eventually reach a point where you feel no dependence on nicotine at all.

  1. No Smokey Smell or Unsightly Discoloration

Along with the major health problems, real cigarettes leave a pronounced odour on the breath and lips of smokers, and over time can discolour their teeth and even tongues. The milder smoke of e-cigarettes reduces this problem, to the point it’s barely perceptible. Most e-cigarettes are almost or completely odourless, and there is so far no research to suggest e-cigarette vapours cause discoloration. So if these residues of smoking bother you or your loved ones, you may be better off switching to e-cigarettes.

The truth about e-cigarettes is that they aren’t perfect. They aren’t risk free, and they are potentially addictive. But for smokers who are already dealing with the major drawbacks of tobacco smoke, switching to e-cigarettes can greatly reduce their risks and improve their overall health.