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How to Loose Weight Fast – 4 Sure Fire Ways to Slash Your Body Fat

With healthy fast weight loss, A GOOD NUTRITION plays a key role in your fat loss efforts. And that means eating 4 to 6 healthy mini meals (which consist of fiber, complex carbs, unsaturated fat and protein) every day to keep the nasty cravings at bay, eating less fast foods, eating less take outs, drinking less fizzy drinks like ‘Pepsi’, drinking less alcohol, and drinking more water. This is really how to loose weight fast, and permanently.

What’s more, a good diet should be flexible and NOT restrictive – and that means allowing you to eat what you want, but more importantly it should be easy to follow and enjoyable! The fact is, you are more satisfied when you eat larger portions and research has proven you can eat 20% more or less without even realizing it – and loose weight.

How to Loose Weight Fast - 4 Sure Fire Ways to Slash Your Body Fat

  1. Once you make the decision to change your life, stick to it. It is a lifetime effort, and one that will pay off BIG TIME! With fat loss, there will be set backs, but it is not the end of the world. Instead it should be a source of motivation and conviction to keep at it. Once the weight starts to strip off, and the change becomes apparent, be pleased with your progress, and set the next goal!
  2. Give new habits time – old habits are hard to break, so make it a point for the new habits to break into your routine.
  3. Steer clear of TRANS FAT – that mean, avoiding commercially prepared chips, onion rings, donuts, cookies and other baked goods. Instead gorge of fruits or low fat snacks!
  4. This is how to loose weight fast – Learn to vary your meals, and eat more healthy home cooked meals. You can learn the 10 rules of dieting and fat loss below!

Judith Cheryl
Judith Cheryl
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