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Get In Touch with an Expert for Same Day Dental Implants in California

Everyone loves to possess that charismatic smile that can make them look and feel beautiful. However, due to tooth decay or gum problems, such smile gets vanished gradually owing to increasing oral problems. Then, there remains no other alternative than dental implants. Sometimes, it is for a single tooth and sometimes, it is for a couple of teeth depending on the condition of gum health and other vital factors. Normally, a dental implant is a long process involving as long as five or six months.

This discourages most people even if they are really willing to undergo a dental implant as repeated visits to a dentist is not feasible keeping in view the busy schedule of everyone around. Dr. Joseph Stan DDS acknowledges this fact and hence offers the unique same day dental implants to his client which is no less than a miracle. His profound knowledge in surgical dentistry and his state-of-the-art clinic at Beverly Hills in California has played a major role in this achievement.

Absolutely Painless and Comfortable Procedure

Earlier, dental implant was perceived as a fearful process by most people, but thanks to Dr. Joseph Stan as he knows very well how to treat his patients. He employs a highly specialized technique that eliminates the need of any further visits and ensures no pain at all! In this technique, he removes his patient’s tooth or teeth after a careful examination and places the implants along with prostheses in a single sitting. His own clinic has a wonderful dental implant partner which has a worldwide reputation of offering quality dental products and solutions.

Consequently, there is no need to wait for the bones to heal naturally and implants can be placed right away. Crown is also attached the same day and even bite loads can be applied without causing any discomfort. Dr. Stan even offers facilities like a lavender eye mask, soothing music, provision of watching television and many more to just make sure dental implants are not causing any kind of uneasiness among his esteemed clients. Clients usually visit during the weekends to fix their dental problems and Dr. Stan is always more than ready to cater to their diverse problems.

Other dental solutions offered skillfully

Dr. Joseph Stan DDS is also immensely known for his 2-day cosmetic makeover treatments which attract a large number of celebrities each year from all corners of the earth. Apart from dental implants and cosmetic makeover, he also offers dental solutions like full-mouth rehabilitation, replacement of old fillings, TMJ treatments, periodontics, endodontics and many more. To make sure that each of these treatments takes less time, he has cutting-edge technology at his disposal like CT imaging, 3D I-Cat Imaging, Digital X-Rays, Intra-Oral Camera, Laser Dentistry, and Air Abrasion.

Armed with a degree of Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS), Dr. Joseph has come a long way and has further enhanced his skills in a continual manner to polish his existent skills and to develop new ones. To know more about different types of treatments offered by Dr. Joseph Stan DDS, schedule a consultation or get in touch with him through mail.