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Are There Any Better Alternatives to Period Pads and Tampons?

The scientific community agrees that there are good reasons that might get us to worry about conventional feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads. With tampons, not only there is the risk of toxic shock, but they also dry out the vagina, also modifying its PH and therefore the ability to ward off disease. Sanitary pads can generally be a ground for bacteria growth, not to count the dangers of plastic exposure. Therefore, what other options are there?

  1. Sponge tampons

These are a good alternative to the usual cotton or plastic tampons on the market, which are known to contain potentially harmful compounds (cotton in itself has plenty of pesticides). Sponges are easy to place inside and able to absorb the liquid even when you are dealing with a heavy flow. Besides, sponges allow moving freely and you can rely on these for as long as 8 hours.

  1. The menstrual cup

Researchers have developed items that can collect liquid instead of absorbing it. The menstrual cups available today on the market are made of medical grade soft silicon and are reusable. Thus, you won’t be feeling guilty for throwing away hundreds and hundreds of used, non-recyclable materials. Also, the expenditure is very small considering how long it will last you. The menstrual cup is a win-win option, given that it’s an ecological, economical and safe/healthy solution. As long as it’s correctly positioned, it does not leak and creates no discomfort. Wash, disinfect and reuse. On top of that, a cup does not require too frequent changing doing a menstrual cycle.

  1. Cloth pads

The pads we’re using these days are a recent date innovation. In the past, women relied on cloth – which is washable and reusable. To sterilize it, simply place it for a moment in boiling water and you have a perfectly safe absorbing pad. Online retailers are selling nicely cut and sewn menstrual cloth pads, which can be attached to your underwear just like plastic pads.

  1. Natural washable tampons

If you aim for flexibility and invisible protection, but at the same time want to save money and save the planet too, then you can purchase tampons knitted from natural fibers like hemp, bamboo or cotton. These are highly absorbing and can be washed for repeated use. Microfleece is also considered a good material, along with any fabric or material that has been used with diapers.

  1. Padded underwear

Manufacturers have developed great looking underwear which incorporates a well-absorbing padded surface. The materials used are stain resistant, so you can easily wash it after each use and enjoy it again. Such period panties can retain up to twice as much menstrual liquid as a regular sanitary pad. Moreover, they ensure adequate protection during the night, which is excellent news for those women with heavy flow.

In the end, knowing all the options out there can help you in so many ways. You can save money and have a clear conscience as you’re no longer dumping so much plastic for the land fill. In addition, your body is safe from potential allergens or toxins, since you are only using natural, non-harmful materials. Once you try these alternative products, you may well realize that they’re much more comfortable to you and totally reliable, so you will not have any womes issues.