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Benefits of Using Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine For Employer’s Drug Test

According to numerous studies and surveys, U.S. workers had to pee into drug testing companies cups for 9 million times. In the last year, the analysis indicated that millions of cups were positive. Most often, the typical drug choice was marijuana, followed by painkillers and amphetamines.

Even though data seems to be a little patchy, the estimations state that 40% of U.S. workers will be subjected to drug tests especially during the hiring process. In an initial perspective, it is a good idea, because addiction-free and sober workforce will be more productive especially in challenging companies and jobs.

However, the main problem with urine testing is that you can cheat through it without any additional question. For example, you can check fake pee such as  Monkey Dong reviews so that you can trick the test in case that you don’t have enough time to cleanse yourself.

Why Do Employers Conduct Drug Testings?

Drug testing is widespread across the USA more than anywhere else in the world. In most situations, drug tests won’t be able to reveal impairment on the job, but even when you have one employee addicted, you can lose the significantly higher amount of money.

Besides that, the country is taking a complete change when it comes to legalization of marijuana, and painkiller doctors tend to prescribe more and more medications than before. Therefore, the gray areas of drug abuse are arising. So what should employers do?

The policy of Ronald Reagan in 1988 created a contemporary workplace drug testing as an executive order that most federal employees should be tested as well as contractors. The typical employer from America wasn’t required to do anything differently, but some large companies implemented this particular regulation.

To check the entire Ronald Reagan Cannabis Policy, you should  click here.

These changes of policies are fueling the development of industry such as drug-test manufacturers as well as law firms that will develop specific drug testing procedures and policies based on the federal laws. Apart from these industries, laboratories also increased significantly since the Federal Government decided to implement this particular policy.

This particular industry has wholly relied on intuitive arguments for drug testing. That will make employees use drugs less than before, and it will ensure the efficient workplace. These arguments have a wide array of holes, which is problematic among employees all across the U.S.

There Are No Proof That Drug Tests Will Reduce Drug Use

The first problem that happens is that there are no significant proofs that conducting drug tests will reduce overall drug abuse. This particular method will affect casual drug users, or they can decide to stop working for companies that will test them.

It is a game because employers know that it doesn’t mean anything if you’ve smoked a pot a few days back in free time. It is an empty ritual that doesn’t affect the performance and production unless you take it on the job. However, the urine-blood tests, for example, cannot determine when you’ve used the drugs before, which is why it is entirely unreliable.

The accuracy of drug tests is in question, which is why we recommend you to visit this website: https://www.forensicfluids.com/accuracy-reliability/ for further information.

Significant Costs

Another reason why drug tests are not a convenient way for most employers is the amount of money they have to spend to conduct appropriate and high-quality testings. For some employers, it is a struggle to pay the costs for a single drug user.

As soon as you identify workers that are using drugs in your workplace, you won’t be able to determine impairment or use at work. The main reason for that is because there is no evidence that drug testing has any impact on safety and performance in a working place.

Drugs Or No Drugs

The main problem with the company’s policies is the idea that they have a black and white perspective on drugs. They don’t want to think further and broader than before. The order that Reagan signed is still executive, but today is legal weed status has a wide array of confusing local and state laws that interfere with federal agreements and regulations.

Therefore, the most commonly abused drugs are legally-prescribed painkillers, and they can also cause a reduction in performance and production. These drugs could appear on tests, but still, it is not clear whether some employers have the legal rights to act and fire the subject.

The New York Times has reported a story of a woman who was fired from her job after she was positive for painkiller that she had to use due to doctor prescriptions. There are other examples of workers that got terminated under similar circumstances. Even when the medicinal perspective was in question, they still had to leave their jobs.

Three essential factors drive companies to use drug testings as the only way of proving that workers are abusing something:

  1. They still believe that drug tests are effective
  2. Some Insurance companies will provide discounts for employers who make regular drug testings
  3. The symbolic and political reason, because the company has an anti-drug image and they don’t want to interfere with public opinion.