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Bones and the Orthopedics

Bones and the body

Most of the portion of the human body when seen from the outer side looks that way mainly because of the presence of the bones. The bones are present in the body in the form of the network. These structure of the body that the bones has made is surely of the special importance. We can think it in another way that all the other animals present in the animal kingdom which are mammals mainly are very much like that they walk on the four digits that using the four digits they move from one place to another place. However with the mammals the thing is a bit different sort of. They walk and displace form their position with the help of the two digits which is called as the legs. This structural organization and also the precision is mainly due to the specific structure of these bones. They actually forms a balance with this structure and thus they stand in two digits and move at will with it. The particular way of walking is also connected with the same that is the balance of the body along the environmental gravitational field. They also gives a body a protective covering with which the body becomes very much safe as the internal organs becomes very much protected due to the presence of this structure.

Characteristics of the bones

One of the hardest substances of the body are the bones. These bones are deposition of calcium in the body that makes it this much hard. And also because of the presence of the tendons through which the muscles are connected to the bones, gives the proper shape of the body. They are also hollow from inside as they contain the bone marrow. These bone marrow are very important part of the body. First of all they are off special importance as they have a special characteristics which is that being the stem cells. The stem cells are the cells that have the unlimited capability to divide and also differentiate in to different types of cell in the body. Although the full potential if the stem cells are still not known property, whatever the scientists and the researchers have found, is used in the therapy of different types of diseases. Another important function is that it is the site where the cells of the blood that is the RBC or the red blood cell are produced in the body. The bones in the human body has two main different types of cells present in them they are the osteoblast cells and the osteoclast cells that act as the precursor in the bone formation.


The doctors that deals with the problem present in the bone cells are called as the orthopedic doctors. In them also there are different types that is the orthopedic surgeon and the medicine doctors. Each of the doctors have different to play in case of the disease that they treat.

Common problem

Arthritis one of the most common problem present in each and every household these days. And the problem happens as the body starts aging a bit and that is the time when the bone as well as the joints becomes very much weak.

Treatment in India

Best doctor for orthopedic in India can be found in the best of hospitals where they treat in a proper way according to the case they face and cure patients of their problems.

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