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Pregnancy advice if you are a first time mother

Pregnancy experts’ advice happens to be something that you cannot turn a blind eye. A stock of pregnancy books might be there on the coffee table. At the same time you might have got advice on how to take care of the baby. In just a few weeks’ time the bundle of joy that you have been craving for is about to arrive. Now the question does arise whether do you need to worry about anything at this point of time? Yes you can be normal about the various changes that do take place in the pregnant body and be aware of it as well.

As per pregnancy advice live chat hereby are some tips on pregnancy that would help you survive this critical phase.

Discuss with your doctor about the various medications

There are some medicines which are not fit for consumption during breastfeeding or when you are pregnant. Discuss with your doctor any over the counter medicines, prescribed medicines or herbal medicines which you are consuming. You cannot ignore this conversation and based on it the doctor could prescribe what works for you at this point of time. He might even ask you to continue certain medicines as well.

Frequent urination

The symptom of frequent urination is a definite go during the tenure of pregnancy. At the same time if you are undertaking some exercises this would help you considerably. When you are pregnant you can opt for keel exercises.

Do not ignore your very own health once the delivery is over

It would be better if you can ask help from your loved ones before delivery. A recovery plan has to be there once a baby is born. There should be a definite plan on how to sleep and how to seek help form your near and dear ones. Discuss on how you are going to get the household chores and who is going to help you in this regard.

When a baby is born there are a lot of worries itself. So the parents are already tense and anxious about the various aspects of the baby. At this point of time some form of professional help would be handy.

Increase the intake of magnesium

You cannot ignore magnesium as it does go on to provide enzymes which are needed to digest food. If the metabolism levels drop down it is an obvious sign that both the mother along with the baby do not avail enough supply of nutrients. With the use of magnesium you can cope up with high blood pressure during the course of pregnancy.

Intimacy levels with your partner

This is the time to savour the golden moments and it is suggested when you have sex, do take time and enjoy it. When the baby arrives the sexual feeling is going to slow do. So it does make sense to enjoy the fun filled moments in the present day context. Just enjoy your body during the end of pregnancy.