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Why IVF Can Be Your Ideal Choice For Infertility Issue?

For a couple that’s trying to conceive, infertility can be a depressing problem. However, you are not alone in the ordeal as around 15% couples around the world have similar issues. One of the better treatments for infertility is IVF, which is the short for In Vitro Fertilization. Couples, who do not have other options like hormonal drugs and artificial insemination, often go for IVF, which is expensive, but among the most effective options. Read on to find some of the essential aspects about the procedure.

What are the options?

Well, in most cases, IVF is seen among the last options because it’s complicated and expensive. At the same time, it is the most amazing choice in terms of flexibility. When you go to a clinic, the doctors will do a number of tests to find the exact reason for infertility and try to check for other options. Once IVF is decided as a choice, the next step is to determine whether the woman is able to produce mature eggs and if the man has desired sperm count. In case either partner has a problem, a suitable egg or sperm donor may be chosen for the procedure.

The process

IVF starts with giving injections to the woman/donor, so that she can release more than one egg. The doctor will closely monitor all the things, including the ovulation. The most extensive step is the retrieval of the eggs, which can take time. The eggs will be then fertilized on the same eggs with the sperm taken from the male. Following the process of fertilization, the embryos will be shifted to the uterus, and it is possible that more than one embryo is placed in the uterus to increase the chances of fertility. This also increases the chances of multiple pregnancies, and therefore, if you have any kind of concerns, it is best to talk to the clinic in advance.

For women who cannot conceive the baby, surrogacy is yet another option, which certainly can come off as an expensive but fruitful choice. You can click here to find more details about the procedure. Usually, IVF is only suggested after the couple is sure of the entire process and are ready to take the chance. Your doctor may have multiple appointments with you to help you understand the process and risks associated. With the right advice, you can easily find your bundle of joy!