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What Is Anabolic Running?

With a strong desire to keep your body fat to a minimum, the most obvious thing you will do to achieve this goal is cardio workouts. You strive to spend as much time as possible on special simulators such as bicycles, treadmills, ellipticals, and others. If you want to lose fat, sweat on cardio training apparatus. This is a kind of unspoken rule that hundreds of people follow.

But, no matter how logical this fat-burning tactic may seem, science does not agree with this arrangement of things. Scientists have proven that this type of cardio exercise will not help you burn or reduce fat in your body. Therefore, many people should think before spending most of their workout only on cardio, paying for the hours spent on the treadmill in the gym. It is worth understanding some of the intricacies of training.

Too good isn’t good, too

The standard long-term cardio workout you’re used to is not all that good. It can lead to a decrease in testosterone in the blood and decrease muscle tissue. And not only that. Scientific studies, which were published in one of the American publications on human physiology, have shown that frequent cardio training can interfere with the absorption of glucose into the muscles after exercise. This process is due to the ability of cardio to immobilize the GLUT4 transport system, which is responsible for insulin-regulated glucose translocation into cells. Also, this type of training reduces hypertrophy, interferes with mTOR, and decreases muscle growth. In this situation, both fat and muscle are burned in equal measure.

But do not despair and give up this type of training at all. There are some methods for how you can prevent the negative side of cardio and turn things around to your advantage. By listening to the advice of professionals, you can turn your workout into an anabolic running program.

How is it possible? And what do you need to do?

Raise the bar

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the ideal cardio training system for fat loss. This is a kind of system of properly structured workouts with massive output and intermediate breaks. Cardio training, based on the HIIT system, is very reminiscent of the old school Fartlek, with its long-standing training methods. Athletes of the old school tend to choose it because it has proven itself from the best side a long time ago. This kind of training has been revived right now. Nowadays, it is reborn under the slogan “All new is well overlooked old.” After analyzing the success of this technology, the fitness industry decided to give it a second chance. Although this is a fairly simple and straightforward technique, we offer a more advanced and detailed version of this concept. We can educate you on timing, intensity, and training plan. With this system, you can lose fat without harming the body shape.

Of course, they are also confirmed by qualified scientists in this field. We recommend you to review Anabolic Running by Joe LoGalbo.

One of the well-known publications dealing with the study of strength and conditioning published a scientific paper in which the effectiveness of the HIIT system was proved. It increases testosterone production and increases GLUT4 concentration. Conventional cardio workouts have a disastrous effect in this regard. Whereas HIIT can enhance mitochondrial biogenesis. That is, to help increase mitochondria, which produce energy in cells. With standard cardio training, this is not possible by blocking mTOR from working in the body. Another great advantage of HIIT is the ability to promote an increase in the number of myofibrillar nuclei, on which muscle fibers and hypertrophy depend.

Begin the Countdown

For the desired reduction in the percentage of fat, a certain time is required. A huge plus for people who have chosen HIIT as their main cardio way to burn fat is the ability to make adjustments. Small changes in your regimen can help you burn fat faster.

First, you should pay attention to the training regimen and its timing. Schedule your workout to complete your HIIT cardio workout 1 hour before your weight training. Based on scientific research, it is the appropriate timing that helps to improve mitochondrial biogenesis. Proper planning and preparation for training improves mTOR growth and does not decrease it, as with regular cardio. Scientific articles from the Journal of Applied Physiology have shown that mTOR has many beneficial properties and has a positive effect on muscle structure.

Another major factor in HIIT training is volume. Scientists have proven that endurance exercises combined with repetitive exercise are the ideal complement to the HIIT training system. Especially if you perform them on the same day. After all, you should get into the habit of systematic cycling training. The most effective way to train HIIT is to alternate. You do 4 weeks with HIIT and 4 weeks without it. Avoiding HIIT for 4 weeks promotes focus only on hypertrophy to enhance mitochondrial biogenesis and nuclear efficiency. During the growth and compaction of the nucleus, a favorable environment is formed for muscle growth. At the same time, endurance training is imperative to enlarge intracellular nuclei. All of this may seem a little ambiguous and illogical. After all, such training is aimed at reducing muscle mass. The whole point is that to get more nuclei, you need to start with endurance training, which in itself shrinks the muscle. It is ironic, but such a system works!

Time to grow

When you finish endurance training, you will stock up on a large number of cell nuclei. And by starting a rigorous cycle of hypertrophy, you will increase your muscle mass as much as possible. At this stage, there is a possibility of a loss of mitochondrial density, which adversely affects the muscles and oxidizes them. But do not be afraid of this, because it takes a lot of time for a significant loss of mitochondria. In simple terms, there is a cyclical process, at first, this is a favorable moment for increasing muscle mass (4 weeks with HIIT), and then the very process of realizing the potential obtained – growth (hypertrophy cycle).

HIIT is performed in a variety of ways. For anabolic training, you need to approach maximum power output for 30 seconds and then alternate with 4 minutes of rest for 4-6 sets. This should be done 3 times a week during your HIIT workout cycle. Here we are going to consider the Anabolic Running review. You can practice in the gym on a spin bike. The main thing is not striving for breakneck speed. Better to double your resistance and your power generation rate. This lower heart rate produces testosterone. This is why it simulates a type of resistance training.


For a full-fledged HIIT complex, you need to add certain points to it. A good tip is to add leucine to any workout regimen. It is most useful when training in the HIIT mode. Just 5 grams of leucine before training will help you achieve maximum performance. It can increase protein synthesis by up to 33% after aerobic exercise. The benefits of consuming leucine-rich amino acids before exercise have been scientifically proven, and detailed studies have been published in the journal of clinical nutrition.