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Foods that leads to cancer and steps to reduce it

Foods that leads to cancer

Do you want to live happily ever after? First of all, take care of your health. A poorly chosen diet results in the development of a number of diseases. Find out what is the most carcinogenic on your plate.

Doctors and scientists emphasize the role of proper nutrition as a factor in maintaining full health. The research carried out by the American Anti-Cancer Institute selected food products with the highest harmfulness.

Processed and modified carcinogen foods can even lead to genetic mutations. As a result, substances used in production processes may be the cause of cancer development.

Carcinogenic food

While fish are often served as one of the more important components of a healthy diet, farmed fish are often fed chemicals. As a result, pesticides and antibiotics can be found in their meat. In addition, fish can contain carcinogenic mercury and dioxins. The worst species of fish are pangasius, tuna, butterfish and farmed salmon.


Chips are not only high in calories. They can increase your risk of cancer because they are high in salt and preservatives. In the process of their production, carcinogenic acrylamide is formed. This substance is also found in cigarettes.


Too much salt can cause stomach cancer. Reaching for salted ready-made products and adding extra salt to meals can result in a serious illness.

Trans Fat

Trans fats are also very dangerous. It is believed that they can even affect the structure of cell membranes. This leads to mutations and the development of tumors.

Purified Flour

Purified flour loses its nutritional value. Its whitening is a chemical process that additionally worsens the health benefits of the finished product. A high glycemic index can also be dangerous to your health. Simple sugars favor the multiplication of cancer cells.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn increases the risk of lung cancer, according to scientists. Home-made corn roasting is not as dangerous as reaching for a ready-made product that releases diacetyl-containing fumes.

Excess amount of Grilling

Grilling is also harmful. Meat treated in this way has a changed chemical structure. Carcinogenic heterocyclic aromatic amines are released therein.

Red meat 

It has been confirmed that it increases the risk of colon and rectal cancers, and the results also suggest cancers of the pancreas, lung , esophagus , stomach, prostate and uterus . Meat products (cold cuts) are the most dangerous – they increase the risk of colon cancer by approx. 36%. With a meal of 100g per day.

Sugars and highly processed carbohydrates 

Promote overweight, increase the concentration of insulin, which in large amounts is a pro-cancer hormone, cause insulin resistance, and increase inflammatory processes in the body.

For the sake of your health, it is worth eliminating the above ingredients from the menu. Lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are better. They not only taste great, but also serve your health.

If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer, it means that you need some natural cancer cures that work to help yourself. Assuming I don’t know you or your medical history, I will try to provide you with what we could call a “starter kit” or some self-help tips that will be helpful no matter what your condition is.

Some foods are harmful to the body, some are neutral. However, it is best to eat only what is absolutely beneficial.

Colorful fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids that not only protect against cancer but also aid healing. They are powerful antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 1. Change your diet

Find out which products you should avoid. The ALCAT test (which tests the reaction of leukocytes to allergens) is made of blood – it involves incubating a small amount of blood with a small sample of each of the 110 types of food. After some time has elapsed, the sample containing blood and food is examined for any changes that have occurred. Certain changes indicate that certain foods should be avoided, which is indicated by the colors: red, orange and yellow (from the most to the least harmful), while products marked in green are safe.

Drink good quality, filtered or bottled water (in glass bottles), herbal teas (check their ingredients), especially decaffeinated green tea and fresh fruit juices.

Step 2. Take supplements

Due to the fact that you may be at risk of a nutrient deficiency, it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements on a regular basis, which will give more benefits, the more effectively you detox your body and the more efficiently your digestive system works.

Fatty acids are essential for the body . There is ample evidence of the overall health benefits of essential fatty acids, but cancer patients in particular will benefit from their consumption. However, if you consume significantly more omega-6s than omega-3s, you are at risk of developing inflammation from arachidonic acid, a breakdown product of omega-6 acids. If you are vegan, dislike, or unable to eat fish, hemp and flaxseed may prove beneficial for you.