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Top Reasons for Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band

Pregnancy Belly Band

Belly band is considered as a must-have for the pregnancy period by many specialists all over the world. This is a piece of special stretchy material that is created to add comfort and extra support for a pregnant woman and especially her lower back and abdomen. Apart from the support belly bands can give a world of good to pregnant women and some of the main advantages of these maternity clothes are described below.

Pregnancy Belly Band

1. Decrease the pain

First and foremost advantage of belly bands is that they can decrease back and joints pain which is a common issue during pregnancy. This is one of the most frustrating facts that make it difficult to participate in any of the usual everyday activities. Some studies published already this year report that wearing a belly band on a regular basis decreases low back pain by 71 percent and pelvic girdle pain by 65 percent.

2. Gentle compression for activities

Every woman knows how awful it feels to exercise without the proper bra, for example, or in uncomfortable footwear. The same feeling you will have you’re your belly will start growing. This is when a belly band comes in a great use, according to maternity wear Mississauga experts. Belly bands give you gentle compression that supports the uterus and significantly reduces discomfort from any movement frequently appearing during physical activities. At the same time make sure that you do not have too much compression because it may impair circulation, and even cause negative effects on blood pressure. Make sure that everything is within reason.

3. External cues for posture

Carrying extra kilograms in the belly area is a stress for your body and it brings extra pressure on your lower part of the back. This is why some women start growing a hump by constant stooping; others on the contrary bend the back too much and walk as if they carry some huge weight in the front. These are non-natural positions for your back and whole body this is why the posture day by day tries to adapt to it and in fact changes. In order not to become a Quasimodo after giving a birth, professionals insist on the importance of wearing a belly band to facilitate the weight of the belly and lessen the pressure in the back.

4. Comfortably with daily activities

During the day any woman has to do lots of things: from cleaning the house and cooking a dinner to working, working out or working on her own perfection. No matter what exactly you will do, it will anyway be more difficult because of the belly. Belly bands help to withstand easier and simplifies the life of a woman in all daily activities.

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