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How Does Cosmetic Surgery Help in Anti-Aging?

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Cosmetic surgery has come a long way since it was first introduced in the field of reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery in 70s and 80s. Once it was started as a special treatment procedure to treat victims of accidents and burns. However, cosmetic surgery has led to many innovative ways within the anti-aging industry to treat wrinkles, loose skin, cellulite, and fat deposits. Today, cosmetic surgery is also used in shaping various parts of body.

There are more than 500 practitioners just in Dallas, offering special treatments in the field of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing. Majority of these treatments incorporate several clinical processes including liposuction, botox injections, collagen and dermal fillers, breasts surgery, cellulite reducing procedures, and even hair transplants.

Mentioned below are some of the most important cosmetic treatments that quicken ant-aging process.

Innovations Medical

  • Liposuction:

Once regarded as an obsessive treatment for the Hollywood A-grade actors and actresses and the wealthy, Liposuction is now considered as one of the most popular anti-ageing surgery procedure. Liposuction has grown as a most popular anti-ageing treatment procedure over the last few years. This is a clinical procedure that entails the removal of fatty deposits from any part of the body of an individual. This is a simple treatment that takes only 1-1.5 hours to complete. The most important reason why liposuction is so popular is because of its short recovery time. In fact, patients that undergo liposuction can get on with their normal lifestyle within a few days.

  • Facial Fat Transfer:

Also known as FAMI or structural fat grafting, facial fat transfer is a process of facial augmentation by muscular injection. FAMI injections restore the lost volume with your body’s own natural fat cells. FAMI facial fat transfer process can be applied on anyone who has lost volume, fullness, or suppleness in their face with aging. As we grow old, we start losing facial volume. Actually the face of a newborn baby is round and full of youth. However, each day after childhood, the fat cells are lost in the face, resulting into a more tired and aged appearance. Facial fate transfer can be helpful in such cases since it delivers long lasting results that include a fuller and more youthful appearance. Many of the experts, who offer cosmetic surgery in Dallas, prefer facial fat transfer since there is no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

  • SmartXide DOT:

SmartXide DOT is another important cosmetic treatment that is used as an anti-ageing process. With SmartXide DOT, facial rejuvenation treatment has become quick and easy. It takes only less than an hour and makes you significantly younger. SmartXide DOT actually helps the skin of an individual to regain its tone during the treatment. Besides, it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, small and big acne scars and dark marks.

The modern cosmetic technology has come a long way with new innovations and researches into new products and chemical and the incorporation of specific health advice. Many treatment procedures that were previously unavailable or difficult to obtain for the general public are now available with cosmetic surgery.

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