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Top Electronic cigarettes brands in UK

E-cigrates brand

The New Year has only just arrived and all the smokers are waiting to see the top selling electronic brands in the UK. The review has been kept according to the past few years and customers choices. Cream of top brands is known for different offers, some are famous for their e-juices, some are for devices, and some for batteries.

Jac Vapour is one of the top leading e-cigarette brands, it is perfect for its batteries, throat hit and superb flavors. Jac Vapour provides best friendly services to its customers and has a strong position among its customers. It’s not very expensive and provides great starter kits at a reasonable price.E-cigrates brand

Then comes v2 cigs. It is famous for its menthol. V2cigs are tremendous and have huge market place in the UK. Its flavors are worth trying and its menthol is a superb hit. V2 CIG is also known for its humble services, and good battery life.

Apollo electronic cigarettes have also a great reputation among masses in UK. Apollo is trusted a lot and tried for its e-juices. Apollo electronic cigarettes are also sold and taken as a reliable brand among people.

Green smoke is famous for its line up. It also has great variety of e-juices and excellent throat hit, but a few reviews explain its battery life is not par excellence.

E0Lites is also counted among top selling electronic cigarettes brands. Its services are great and have excellent battery life, but it has softness in throat hit. However, people still reply on E-lites for its batteries and superb e-jucies.

The top brands are counted on their products quality, manufacturing and how far have they satisfied their customers. There are many other brands that sell electronic cigarettes, but they still need to do hard on their products. They might cost low, but their products might give up on and they fail to provide crisp throat hit. A new beginner should go through the reviews of all brands, at least that are famous and renown before opting a brand for oneself. Different people have different style of smoking and their requirements don’t match necessarily.   Going through brands reviews, rather having confirmation from its users will make it easier to compare among brands and decide one for yourself.

Some brands are known for their e-juice flavors. Some are favorite for the throat hit and some for the quality of nicotine. However, it is recommended to check the authentication of the brand before one buys it, as their multiple copiers and fraud spread in the market place too.