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Reasons Tissue Microarray Is A Booming Industry In Medical Technology

In pathology and research sector, we must have heard about tissue microarray. What is this and how does it works in kinds of researches? This is one of the latest and revolutionary invention in pathology. This microarray basically consists of paraffin block in which cylindrical tissue cores from different paraffin donor blocks are extracted and then re-embedding into a single recipient block. This happens at defined array coordinates to allow the multiple histological analyses.

There are some highlights of this microarray that makes it a booming industry and a rapidly growing research tool. These highlights are listed below:

This technique helps in studying a huge number of samples on the same slide. When it comes to other slides then only one sample can be studied per slide. With this technique, it is possible to array up to 1000 tissue samples on a single paraffin block.

  • This technique of tissue microarray is considered the best option when it comes to conserving the primary antibody usage. With this technique, there’s no need for testing and analyzing 100 tissue samples through the conventional way. This technique allows the minimum use of the primary antibody.
  • Another important highlight of this technique is that it allows synchronous analysis of molecular targets. This synchronous analysis is done at protein levels on a single glass slide under standardized conditions. Another benefit of using this technique is that it makes sure limited use of tissue samples and their maximum preservation.
  • For some of the tissue molecular analysis, this technique is considered an effective research tool as it helps in identifying the targets of cancer in humans. Along with this, it finds its extensive applications in diagnostic process, basic research, medicines discovery and prognostic oncology. Owing to this reason, this technique is considered a booming industry in pathology.
  • One of the major highlights of this microarray technique is that it ensures cost reduction in the processing time and reagents. In medical terms, it can be said that this technique requires just 1 ml of the reagent for the entire cohort procedure where conventional need more reagents.
  • In various chronic diseases like genetic diseases, this technique targets them in the treatment. This reason has boosted the growth of this technique in research and pathology.
  • As compared to other conventional slides, this technique is useful for donor paraffin block preservation. It ensures the preservation of the paraffin block (donor) for further research and analysis. Along with this, this technique also ensures the utilization of a small amount of tissue for further research and studies.

With this advanced technique, medical science is having a lot of benefits. The fact cannot be ignored that Tissue Microarray has brought a great change to the medical field and hold a great future.

In the field of pathology,  Showbox apk 2020 android has bought a huge change. This technique allows researchers to test thousands of tissue samples along with antibodies in one go. There are multiple benefits related with it such as it ensures study of various samples on the same slide, cost reduction of reagents and many more. Because of all these, it has become a booming industry in terms of researches and pathology.