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Top 6 Myths and Facts about Boosting IVF

Selecting for an In Vitro Fertilization treatment will be emotionally and physically tension for any couple. It is essential to be cautious and search the facts before relying upon them. Here are top 6 Myths and Facts about Boosting IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona, one must know:

  1. If the first round of IVF is not fruitful, one can never get pregnant:

This is the myth one which many people tend to believe. But the real fact is that IVF success can take different rounds. Some women get pregnant in first chance while some may take five or more. The doctors can advice what they think is the best. In the end, it is the decision of the couple as to how many rounds they want to go for.

  1. One can’t control the progress of the IVF cycle:

While one is infertility surgery, it will start sometimes that there is nothing one can support the cycling success. It is not true. VIF pregnancy chances of progress increases on the basis of the foods one will take. The proportion of body one has in proportion to the height. What kinds of chemicals one has taken before the IVF treatment. For this reason, one also has a through examine before to check any condition that could stop implantation. It includes blocked fallopian tubes or scar tissues etc.

  1. IVF will not get success after the age of 40:

It is not true. Although age is a significant factor in a woman’s ability to become pregnant, it will not mean that over 40 must not try for IVF treatment at all. At the age of 40, most women have a fruitful rate of around 22 at most fertility clinics. The researchers in most of the Fertility Clinic Arizona have proved that most women have a success rate of around 22 percent.

  1. Some foods can boost IVF results:

This is just a myth. Having a pineapple every day, not preferring gluten, or following any specific diet has no effect on IVF progress. It is magnificent to have a healthy, balanced diet which has whole grains. One can go for lean proteins, vegetables and, as well as fruits. Getting sufficient quality and quantity of vitamin D is good.

  1. If one doesn’t get pregnant from IVF, it is because one could have done something good:

It is not true. IVF is a surgical process which is getting success rates better than ever it is because of the development of techniques and progress of better technology. Exercises, as well as diet, come all along to a major way to support women in achieving a successful round of IVF.

  1. The bed is necessary after embryo transfer:

There is no real-truth and women must go on about their life as usual after an embryo transfer. But, it does not value if a woman will take bed rest for 10 minutes or 10 hours. It’s good to be on the usual routine.

It is good to hear about other thoughts but the decision must be taken after proper research.

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