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Preventing Prostate Cancer From Taking Over

There are many men in America who surprisingly have not visited a doctor in the recent year. Some men tend to have a highly developed ego that prevents them from visiting their primary care physician for a basic or general check-up. In addition, there are also many men who only believe in going to the doctor when something is seriously wrong with them physically or psychologically. The problem with only seeing a doctor when something is wrong is that you could be visiting your doctor when it is too late to receive treatment. Prostate cancer happens to be one of the most common cancers that are ever diagnosed in men in America. According to the American Cancer Society, in the year of 2019, statistics show that more than 174,650 brand new prostate cancer cases could be diagnosed in many innocent men. Unfortunately, there may be approximately 31,620 innocent men who could even end up being killed by this disease. Statistics also show that about 1 in 9 men in the U.S. may be diagnosed with having prostate cancer during their lifetime. Fortunately, was today’s screening and testing in the U.S., you could possibly prevent prostate cancer from completely taking over.

It is not just important to have regular visits with your primary care physician, but it is also important to educate yourself as a man to know what are some of the common signs and symptoms of prostate cancer itself. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the most common signs or symptoms that you could suffer from when dealing with prostate cancer include trouble urinating, finding blood in your semen, having a weak urine flow, pain in your bones, experiencing similar symptoms to erectile dysfunction, having pain in your lower back, having pain when you sit down and an enlarged prostate. Obviously, the symptoms could vary among different individuals and some men may not even have any symptoms at all. This is why it is highly recommended for all men to receive regular screenings from their doctor for prostate cancer. If you are at greater risk for prostate cancer such as being African-American, suffering from obesity or your age, you want to make it one of your priorities to get screened early.

Getting properly screen for prostate cancer earlier on can definitely help you and your chances for fighting off prostate cancer. When you procrastinate on your screenings and regular medical visits, you could be increasing your chances for possibly receiving a diagnosis that you do not want to hear. Take time to be proactive in your health and help yourself fight prostate cancer earlier on. You may want to consider conducting some of your own research online to learn more about prostate cancer in the current treatments out today. You can also conduct some research online by looking up a family physician naples fl.

Hearing that you may possibly have a prostate cancer diagnosis could definitely be terrifying. However, it is important to understand that when you are proactive in your health, you no longer have to worry about death or any of the worst fears that many people may have about cancer. Prostate cancer can be curable with receiving treatment in its earliest stages of the cancer. Therefore, be proactive and get your early screenings now in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle.