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Bring your smile back with cosmetic dental surgery

A perfect smile with the perfect teeth can be achieved very easily now.  A beautiful smile makes you confident and upgrades your self esteem. It leaves a good impact on your all over appearance and attitude.

Advanced technology makes it possible through painless teeth resizing and reshaping, if you are not happy with your teeth. It can be easily achieved by using high quality porcelain veneers. This is a quick and long lasting procedure.

Meet with a Novi dentist who can offer you his services with a wide range of cosmetic dentistry methods. These procedures not only solve your dental problems but also give you relief, making you smile.

If you have crooked, chipped, worn, stained, and irregular or poorly shaped teeth, you can get them in good shape, polished and revitalized.

You can get white and bright teeth instead of your yellow stained teeth. They may be because of smoking, aging, drinking dark colored beverages like tea, coffee, red wine and many more.

Veneers are used on your tooth surface to correct uneven tooth alignment, worn tooth enamel, spacing, and discoloration and chipped teeth.

Lumineers is the advanced procedure to correct your teeth. It is quick and pain free in comparison of veneers.

Dental crowns are used to cover the tooth to reshape it and give it the right size and strength to use it normally for chewing and biting. It is usually used after a root canal treatment.

Dental bonding is used to fix your teeth, making it indistinguishable, stronger and durable. If you have two or more teeth loss, a dental bridge is fixed in the gap and either sides of the gap. Dental bridges are of two types. One of them is planted or secured by the natural teeth.

If you have uneven gum or lengthier gums which cover most of your mouth, you can have gum re-contouring procedure. This is done by laser treatment. The dentist will trim the gums with laser and give you perfect gums to smile.

Most commonly used procedure to correct misaligned or crooked teeth is fixed braces. These braces come in various types. Some are made of wire and some are transparent. These braces help to shape the teeth into correct position with constant and gentle pressure.

You should meet with a Novi dentist and discuss everything in advance about the procedure you want to be done, its payment and sittings required. As compared to the general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is basically for aesthetic purpose. General dentistry solves your dental problems and gives you relief from pain whereas cosmetic dentist gives you a perfect smile with confidence and satisfaction. Although cosmetic dentistry is quite expensive but the perfect teeth are worth it.

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