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Prevent Your Eyes From the Primary Cause of Preventive Blindness

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Be it the mere toddlers or the aged population, none of them find themselves free from the evil hands of glaucoma, the primary, yet the prime cause of preventable blindness. It will be wrong technically to classify it as an eye disease, rather it should be fairly termed as a degenerative condition which can be detected, treated and impeded permanently by some mere simple, and painless eye examinations followed up by regular treatment procedures. If caught in the primary stages, the optometrists find opportunity to cure them, but if the detection itself gets delayed, things complicate and one might have to endure severe pain. The expert Springfield MA eye doctors say that one who gets affected by Glaucoma, finds increased intra-ocular pressure within the eye, which in the long run deteriorates the optic nerve and the retinal ganglion cells.

Studies have shown that the increasing cases of Glaucoma in various countries is due to the poverty, ignorance and unhygienic unsystematic health system that perseveres. Surveys conducted in various parts of these countries have shown that almost one out of hundred patients suffering from Glaucoma turns out to be blind in due course of time. So while the ignorance of the common people has already come up in the front, there have been various programs to make them aware of it.

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Basically there are three main types of Glaucoma people have the chances to be affected with- the open angle, the closed angle and the congenital glaucoma; the most common of the three being the open angle glaucoma. This is seen proportionately in both males and females and mainly within the age group of sixty and seventy. The significance of this disease lies in the fact that it is detected in the later stages and there are hardly any symptoms that can be defined to prescribe one with open angle glaucoma. Since the pressure on the specific areas of the optic nerve increases, the range of vision gets distorted and peripheral visual field keeps contracting. Although the exact reasons for increasing the eye pressure cannot be detected, it is guessed that there’s some sort of blockage in the area where the aqueous liquid is generally absorbed in the blood.

Unlike the previous category, the close angle glaucoma at least has got multiple symptoms which helps the Springfield MA eye doctors to detect it. Primarily it starts of with minor blurring of the vision, and gradually leads to colored halos and mild headache. When the condition worsens, there are some red eye and profuse watering found in the patients accompanied with complete sudden loss of vision. The third and the final type of Glaucoma, the congenital one is mainly found in boys than in girls. Unlike the above two, it is generally found in kids after their birth in between three to four years of age. Since there are some cases of failure in the development of the tissues in the anterior chamber, the overall pressure increases throughout the globe of the eye and it soars up like a big buffalo eyeball. Since it looks this ridiculous, the name given is Buphthalmos.

There are some cases where the glaucoma appears as the secondary issue, the primary being other eye diseases. Moreover the open angled glaucoma having hardly any symptoms, it is best to have a regular eye check up so that the detection process never gets delayed. Finding suitable optometrist is never a tough job, so there’s no point in delaying with sensitive organs like eye.