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Mind Thinks, Muscles Contract, And Bone Moves Weight

Muscles Contract


The mind-body connection that everybody is talking about is not a speech that they use at the spiritual conference of a guru or something that you read out a book that talks about soul and the connection that we have with the universe and a higher self. The mind-body connection is something that everyone feels at some point in time in their lives.

Have you ever had that feeling when you are completely exhausted and cannot do anything physically but still have the will to get up and go to work the next day, especially when it is a Monday? That is the will power that the mind demonstrates over the body, it indicates that the mind is simply fooling the body into thinking that it can do anything despite it being physically impossible to do it. This can happen in tandem as well.

We saw how the mind controls the body but when they both work together there is nothing you cannot do. The mind believes that a certain weight can be lifted for an Olympic athlete and then the body follows suit. When the motion takes place the mind works with the body and acts as an internal motivator and literally orders the muscles to lift the weight. Simply put, is the mind-body connection. This same ideology is put when it comes to Kegel exercises where the muscles that need to be used for the exercise cannot be seen with the naked eye but only felt and at a particular time.

Subtly And Practice

In order for the effective application of the Kegel exercise to work one must undergo the practice of actually feeling and realising that these are the muscles that need to be strengthened. The pelvic floor muscles are important to strengthen as it helps post-pregnancy woman recover from the stress of childbirth, post-prostate cancer patients to effectively have no issues in the future. The feeling of holding the urge to urinate when your bladder is empty is the best way these muscles get activated. Kegels is great for sex and yes it might take longer to work compared to viagra, but the effects are  more longlasting and natural.. Performing this motion of tensing for some time and relaxing for some time is as simple as it gets. Doing this daily will show drastic effects for solving problems such as incontinence, uterus issues, and general weakness in those muscles.


In conclusion, there are simple ways to strengthen even the most subtle and hidden areas in the body, all it takes is a simple knowhow of your body and practice.