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Essential Things You Need to Pack in Your Bag before Entering into Labor Room

Have you faced your first contraction? Don’t get panicked. You have anticipated for the day through all these 9 long months. At first, you need to find out whether it is false one or the real labor contraction. Measure it through an online contraction timer. If there is only 4-5 minutes gap between each contraction and the pain increases each time from the previous one, then you need to call your doctor and rush to thehospital.

Labor will come inevitably and you can’t start packing for the hospital or birth center then. What you can do is to pack your bag for labor much early. Plan well with your partner and pack it. Don’t stuff your bag with unnecessary objects. Rather, take the most important things with you. Here is the list of your maternity bag. Read on to know more-

  • Don’t Forget Your Medical Reports

These are the most important objects you need to carry in your bag. Make files and keep them always together. After every check-up, you should keep the records organized inside the files so that you can put them all together into the bag without missing anyone.

  • Take a Sweater

If your delivery date is in winter, you should carry a winter wear. Also, you can feel cold inside the AC cabin. Having a sweater will keep you safe inside the cabin.

  • Carry Your Dressing Gowns and Nighties

You should carry some dresses which are comfortable to wear. Loose fitted gowns or maxi will give you enough room to stay comfortable. Yes, you will be provided by the hospital, but having a spare will save you from unwanted situations, like leaking. You may also need one post-delivery.

  • Keep a Pair of Socks

If you are facing painful contraction, your feet will become cold. This is not for the weather. Take help of your partner or the healthcare giver to wear them. If you feel uncomfortable, you can again pull it off.

  • Take Your Favorite Music with You

You need to deviate your concentration from your pain and listen to your favorite song. Carry your headphone and mp3 player, filled with your favorite melodies. You can also listen to the shlokas that you practiced in your meditation classes. This will calm your senses during labor, and surprisingly also your baby.

  • Take Moisturizers and Lip balm

You will need these. You may feel dry and flaky during and after labor. Having lotions will keep you moisturized and soft.

  • Carry a Flip-flop

You will need it badly after delivery. You may need to move a bit and then you need a flip-flop. Remember, you need to keep it light and easy.

These are certain essentials you need to carry in your maternity bag while going to thehospital for labor. Your partner or someone close must be there always and look for things you need. Don’t worry and have patience. You are going to have your little bundle of joy within few moments in your lap.