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Live In Care Myths You Should Never Believe


Live in care can be highly advantageous because of various different reasons. The problem is that because of a lack of knowledge there are many myths that appear. It is really important that we do all that we can in order to dismiss these myths. That will help you to avoid the unwanted situation in which the service that you opt for is not as great as it should be.

Myth – Live In Care Cures The Family Member

Services offered by professionals like Promedica24.co.uk will never tell you that the family member will be cured. This is basically a long term service that is given to those that need it by trained professionals. In general, this involves focused care. Recipients receive social, supportive, personal, specialized and medical in-house services. We are referring to a domestic treatment that is not mainly centered on curing ailments or illnesses. The focus is put on assisting a recipient to maintain a specific functioning level.

Myth – Live In Care Is Really Expensive

This is definitely a huge misconception. While it is true that when it initially appeared this was a service that was only available for those that were rich, nowadays it is much more affordable. You do need financial assistance that is quite considerable. Patients need to deal state aid, long term insurance, faith based programs, Medicaid and community programs. However, financial aids are available and you can even use reverse mortgages or life insurance settlements to deal with the expense. Many affordable services are now available for those interested.


Myth – Live In Care As Alternative To Nursing Homes Or Hospitals

Long term home based treatments are normally administered in nursing homes and hospitals. These options are recommended in the event that a person is going through a treatment in an active way in order to cure or prevent illness, disease or ailment. The home based live in care system is focused on making the patient feel comfortable while paying close attention to individual needs. Make sure that you consider only the services that are truly professional and that you understand associated differences because they are highly significant.

Myth – Live In Care Will Be Aimed Only For Elderly Care

Many see live in care as being designed for old people. When it first appeared this was a service that was tailored to help the elderly but that is definitely not the case at the moment. Live in care can be offered for absolutely every single individual out there that could benefit from home medical assistance. The number of potential recipients is quite huge. Every person that has serious progressive diseases like MS, cancer or Alzheimer or people injured in accidents normally make up the widest part of the patients for such services.


Live in home care can be highly advantageous for all people that require the service. Before you believe anything about it, discuss with professionals. See exactly what is offered and you will instantly realize that all the myths above are not great. Have patience and you will choose appropriately.