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Guide to Choosing Incontinence Pads for Women

Teen with menstruation pad.

Feeling discomfort and uneasy for leakage problems in public can be avoided with incontinence pads. This is essential to maintain your comfort and dignity while you are out at a party or travelling or at office; or whatever the reason is.

The common myth is that women who have given birth to children or are growing older only need incontinence pads. However, there are plenty of old women and mothers who are absolutely fine and do not have such problems. The following lists down the many reasons for uncontrollable bladder leakage:

  • Overactive bladder is a condition in women when there is a sudden urge to urinate due to bladder spasms.
  • Pregnancy and children are the major two reasons contributing to urinary incontinence in women.
  • Exercise-induced incontinence is yet again a problem among female athletes and also among elite athletes.
  • Old age is a common reason too.

Choose the right bladder controls pads that will help you feel confident and stay protected. These are available in thin contours and conform to human body outlines. Hence, you will feel absolutely light wearing it and no one will notice it at all. The pads are designed with a kind of material inside that helps to wick away urine from your skin, thus making you feel dry, odor-free and comfortable. Check it out how to choose incontinence pads when you have a deluge of options in the market that can be confusing.

Teen with menstruation pad.

Tips for Choosing right Incontinence Pads

  • When selecting the pad, decide the degree of absorbency that is required and whether the pad offers so. Also, learn about the technique of using the pad and if it is easy for you. Thick and large-sized incontinence pads are capable of absorbing more urine, but they come with drawbacks, as they are hard and quite bulky to wear and remove. For those having moderate urine leakage should look out for thin pads that are light.
  • The three common options available include pantiliners and pads. The pantiliners are discreet and thin and are meant for those suffering from light urine loss. Pads are thicker in size and these are meant to absorb moderate urine leakage in women. Both should be worn inside the underwear so that you feel absolutely at ease without worries when out in public. The pantiliners and pads are designed with waterproof backing to absorb urine and are proved to be of higher use than sanitary napkins worn by women. Some pads have adhesive strips at the back to hold them in position. You will find some washable cloth pads that can be inserted into waterproof underwear. Hence, make your choice and select an option that is apt for you.
  • Adult diapers and shields are two options meant for moderate and heavy urine leakage. The shields appear in thick contours with hip straps to help women wear them easily and feel no worry of getting them loose while moving around. The adult diapers come with adhesive tapes that are used for fastening and they provide all-around protection to prevent heavy incontinence. These are meant to be worn without underwear’s and are designed to fit snugly in place. Most of the diapers available fit with leg gathers so as to resist urine leakage. You can find them in both reusable and disposable forms.

Remember, that when you are using female incontinence pads or diapers, dispose them away once they have absorbed urine. Avoid keeping soaked pad in contact to those sensitive areas of your skin since that can lead to irritations and rashes. Once you feel that the pad or diaper is soaked, take it out and clean your skin and then dry it. Only then, put a new diaper.

Follow the guidelines above and improve your capability to go about daily chores with maximum confidence. Moreover, if you want to know more than visit here and get more details on them.

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