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Learn Everything You Need to Know about Ulthera

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It is a fact that no one wants to look old and really wants to look young. When we look in the mirror and find our skin full of wrinkles and saggy skin sagging, we feel awful and wish to get back the glowing skin. So, if one wish to look more vital and young, rely on Ulthera in San Jose carried out by a professional. Wondering what makes Ulthera a viable option? Its ability to lift and trim the skin without any surgical procedures and without using any type of blade, needle or knife gives this process the edge today.

This is due to the reason that Ulthera makes use ultrasound imaging where the practitioner observe the deeper layers of the skin to find out where the damage occurred. In addition to it, they also find the methods to reactivate the collagen in our body. As a result, your skin becomes brighter and tones your loose skin.

Now the question arises that what exactly collagen is? So, before understanding Ultheraphy, you need to understand about the collagen. Collagen is a component that is found in our own bodies. Basically, it is a protein that is responsible for the skin to tighten and look fresh. As we grow older, this collagen in our body starts becoming weaker and less active which results in aging skin. If you avail Ulthera in San Jose conducted by an expert, you will get a gentle method that would help you to reactivate collagen in your body.

Rejuve Medica

The old Collagen gets replaced with the new but don’t get confused, it is not that the collagen is inserted into your body but it will be produced by your own body. You need to be aware of the fact that it is not that the patients undergo this procedure at the age of 60 as there are patients that faces it in their early 30’s. This is because the sagging of the skin can start at early age also. You need to simply watch out your loosen skin in the areas like forehead, eyebrows, eyes, chin, neck and around the mouth.

Is the treatment painful?

Unlike other procedures that require number of treatments, patient should opt for ulthera as one need to undergo this procedure only once. However, depending upon the skin, the treatment can be repeated for the betterment of your skin. Additionally, the patient should not get scared as this treatment is not painful at all. But some patients have misconception regarding it as it involves anesthesia. But believe it that even without anesthesia, the treatment is actually bearable.

Medical professionals conducting Ulthera in San Jose makes the procedure as satisfying as possible for the patients by applying a topical anesthetic or giving oral medications for pain relief. Another point to be noted is the side effects. Most of them are minor and do not last long. Some of the side effects include swelling, redness of eye, tingling and tenderness which are temporary. If a patient experiences any other side effects other than what is discussed above, he or she should consult to the doctor immediately as to prevent further complications.