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How to Buy Shakeology in Canada

Shakeology helps you fulfill your nutritional requirements while enticing your taste buds with different flavors. If you are a resident of Canada, you can now get your favorite flavor of Shakeology right there. So go ahead to transform your body, reduce food cravings, improve your digestion and increase your physical energy. You do not need to ask your friends from the Unitd States to get it for you any longer.

It was previously not available in Canada since the customs department had to review the ingredients of Shakeology and recently it has been approved for sale. However, before you take your wallet and rush to the nearest store, let me ask you to stop. Open up your computer or laptop and do it online. Shakeology offers you all of their products only online and you can get your favorite products shipped to your address anywhere in Canada.

The strategy of Shakeology is that they offer you their products in their exclusive online store rather than in a shopping mall’s shelf. The idea is to sell based on recommendations. Shakeology’s products will be referred to you by coaches. Here, coaches are those people who have been using it for many years. The advantage for the coach is that they get paid for this kind of referrals and you get benefitted knowing that the product works. So go ahead and take your coach’s advice, buy it online and pave your way to having excellent health guide.

How to buy Shakeology online?

Simply follow these steps to get it online:

1)      Visit coach sites

The coaches always get better deals on Shakeology products. Log on to one of the coach sites to order online.

2)      Choose the package:

There are two options for packages you will get: 24-serving convenience packets and the 30-day supply re-sealable bag. Choose your option.

3)      Choose the flavor:

Select the flavor you want to try or one that is your favorite. There is a wide range of flavors to choose from, such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Green berry, Tropical Strawberry vegan, Vanilla, Chocolate Vegan and Café latte.

4)      Choose the order type:

You may choose in between the one-time order option and the monthly auto ship.

To make the deal cheaper for you, select the monthly auto ship option. This will enable you to get a monthly supply at cheaper prices. Also, you do not have to burden your mind remembering what the site can easily do. If you want to discontinue the auto ship, all it takes is a call to the customer care. You can save $20 CAD on the monthly auto ship option, so it is a big saver.

5)      Add the products to the cart.

6)      Click the Checkout button to have a secure method of payment. This is where you can add your card details and continue with the payment.

7)      Now relax! You will get your shipment soon.

For those of you who would love switching between flavors, there are some easy ways:

1)      Call the helpline when you want your next order to be changed.

2)      Select the ‘Alternate your favorite flavors’ option on the site and make your choice

3)      Go for a combo pack with multiple flavors by selecting the ‘Combine your favorite flavors’ option on the website.