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Guide to Am-2201 Research Chemicals

Am-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoids used for coating a type of synthetic marijuana called potpourri. It is also used to coat other illegal drugs such as Spice and K2. The recreational designer drug was invented by Alexandros Makriyannis from the Northeastern University. Am-2201 has a receptor with Ki values of 1.0. The drugs also have 2.6 nM values for the two receptors including CB1 and CB2. It functions as a full agonist against the cannabinoid receptor. Not much is known about the biological reactions of the drug.

Effects of Am-2201

Accidental overdose on Am-2201 is easier because the drug is much stronger compared to synthetic cannabinoids. Am-2201 is so potent that the user can get hooked on it at the first time they take it. Am-2201 has been known to cause several types of health hazards such as panic attacks, vomiting, hallucinations, breathlessness, blackouts, seizures, and convulsions. Many users reported about having psychedelic experiences after taking the drug. Am-2201 has similar physical symptoms but different effects when compared to bath salts. For example, people who take bath salt tend to be violent but this does not seemed to be the case for those who take Am-2201.

Build Up of Tolerance in Am-2201

Survey showed that people who take Am-2201 will tend to build up their tolerance against the drug over time. They will have a tendency to increase the amount of dosage so that they can enjoy a greater extent of ecstasy. These people usually never consider about the harm that will be brought onto their lives when taking the drug.

Using Am-2201 for Research

Many researchers buy Am-2201 for use in their experiments via the online stores because of the cheap price and high quality. If you do research online, you will find a few research chemical online stores that sell this drug. The drug sold at the online research chemicals store is only intended for use in in-vitro research applications and not for human ingestion. Am-2201 is popular among researchers because it has a broad receptor binding profile. Am-2201 is one of the most potent chemicals in the cannabinoid class. It can easily become potent in a dosage amount that is as small as 500 micrograms.


In conclusion, Am-2201 is a very dangerous and potent drug so you must handle it with caution so you won’t accidentally inhale it into your lungs. You should only deal with a licensed research chemicals online store when shopping for this drug for your research.