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Facts You need to know before You move to Spain: Money, Healthcare, Culture, etc.

With time, Spain becomes one of the most popular country to move in. Thinking on summer, beautiful sand beaches, Spanish kitchen and people is something that attract us. But, a reality is different from imagination. When we’re moving, often we forget some important thinks. Because of that, we will help You to don’t forget all details which can be important in Spain.

Prepare the money

The idea of moving to Spain is fantastic. But, don’t forget reality. Make sure to find a job before You come to Spain, because unemployment in Spain is high. If You don’t find the job before You move in, make sure that you have enough cash which will help You to have normal life before You find one.

You can’t expect the Spanish to speak English

When You come to Spain You must learn their language. You can’t expect that all people will understand You because English is not their native language. Thus, make sure that You learn at least some basic Spanish words which will make Your life easier there.


Spain is different from another countries. It is recomendable that you close a good Health Insurance Spain. You will be at the safer side. Another option is, that you handle your health with the spanish social security that is very complex and administrative issue. We recommend that you close it with a private health insurance, because life in Spain goes slow, so you should get used to it. Some things in this country you just can’t change them.

Drive at the right side of the road

In Spain, people drive on the right side of the road. You need to get used to it. That’s their law, and You need to respect it. Before You start driving, practice a little, this can help You to feel like a real Spanish.

Prepare Yourself for hot summer

Summers in Spain are really hot. Prepare Your skin for hot summers that will wait You, also don’t forget to prepare Your body. Drink a lot of weather to prevent dehydration. Also, prepare Your skin for a beautiful tan.

Prepare Yourself for new culture

You probably think that this is normal, but lot of people when move on to Spain get confused. People in Spain are different. You will probably see a Spanish who stopped the car to chat with a friend he didn’t see for a while. And no, he won’t notice the column of cars behind him. This is normal in spain. So prepare for their lifestyle.

Get an NIE number

When You live in Spain, You can’t buy a house or a car without an NIE number. Make sure to get one when You move on there, so You won’t have problems when You decide to buy that beautiful cheap car You just found.

Find good real estate agent and lawyer

When You’re moving to another country, you will need a lawyer and real estate agent to help You get the things done. Don’t choose the first person You find. Search a little on the forums and find the right person who will really help You, not make Your life harder.