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General Queries about Menopause and Hormones

Menopause relief

Menopause is a stage when monthly menstrual cycle process in a female gradually comes to an end permanently. The main reason behind its happening is depletion of ovarian follicles due to aging and decrease in reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It mostly occurs in females after the age of fifty.

Menopause relief

How do you come to know that you have attended menopause stage?

When you miss menstrual cycle consecutively at least for a year, you will come to know that it is end of permanent fertility. Even laboratory tests are done to confirm the stage of menopause. In simple terms menopause occurs, when there is decrease in function of ovaries formation. Hence, your menstrual process gradually decreases and comes to permanent stop.

What other changes contribute to menopause?

The overall change in hormone level, especially estrogen is sure to get affected. Decrease in evolution of reproductive hormones leads to vasomotor changes.

What are the symptoms you experience while menopause and in post menopause?

Women not only experience physical changes, but they also get mentally disturbed to some extent. Irritability, mood swings, depression and lack of concentration. Physical ailments include weakness in bone, insomnia, changes in skin elasticity and gain or loss in body weight. Their sexual life gets affected due to vaginal dryness resulting in painful intercourse. Low libido is also experienced by several.

Are the symptoms needed to be taken care of medical practitioner?

If there is vaginal bleeding, then you need to consult a gynecologist immediately. Since, it may be signs of formation of cancerous condition in the uterus or endometrial lining. There are chances of falling prey to osteoporosis, bone fractures and even cardiovascular diseases.

To prevent bone weakness, you can take pills having calcium or choose hormone treatment as prescribed by the doctor. Many prefer to have hormone therapy to reduce the symptoms of menopause to a great extent. It is advisable to take low dosage of the prescribed med and that to for a short time. Excess dosage can possibly lead to other health issues.

Menopause relief is experienced in women, who undertook hormone replacement therapy. Their vaginal dryness got vanished and even they regained their sex drive.

Estrogen and progestin combination therapy (EPT) has proven quite beneficial for many ladies. It helps in reducing undesired hot flashes, reduces bone weakness and have healthy vaginal to enjoy sex. This kind of therapy has proved useful mainly to women who have their uterus intact. They are available in drug stores and even online pharmacy in the form of gel, pills and as patches.

Side effects of the estrogen therapy are quite less. Simple ailments like uneasiness, headache, and nausea are experienced by some women.

Who are not advised to take hormone therapy?

  • Ladies who have health issues related to heart or liver.
  • Women who had suffered from any kind of cancer.
  • Suffering from vaginal bleeding.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, during menopause it becomes necessary to eat the right kind of diet and maintain physical fitness. This will certainly helps them a lot.

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