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Dietitian Guides You towards a Better and Healthier Lifestyle

Most of us get nervous when someone suggests that it is time to meet a dietitian. However, there is nothing to worry or be afraid regarding consulting a dietitian. When you are ready to visit a dietitian, it means that you are giving priority to your health. A dietitian will not stop you from eating your favorite food neither will he or she restricts certain food items from your diet. You will be allowed to eat anything you wish. Yes really! Anything your heart desires, but you will be asked to restrict the portions that you consume.

When you visit a dietitian, the food chart that is provided to you is made keeping in mind your life style, food habits, medical history(if any) gender, age and genetic makeup.

Questions answered by dietitians during counseling session

 A dietitian will guide you towards a better living, by checking on the following:

  • What are the types of food that you choose to eat?
  • What are your eating habits?
  • Why you choose to binge eating?
  • Why do you avoid eating at certain part of the day, even if you are hungry?
  • Why do you prefer skipping breakfast?
  • Do you eat late night snacks?

It is the dietitian, who will guide you in changing your food habits for the better. Most people think that they will have to visit a dietitian regularly. However, that is not the case, as people most only visit a dietitian’s office just twice or thrice. However, it is pretty common for them to come for another session after a year or two, so that they can get a review on their food habits.

However, there are people who will keep visiting a dietitian every month, until and unless they are sure that, they are able to handle their new diet, and are completely in control of their life.

First session with the dietitian

The first session with the dietitian at Lifestyle Medical Center is simple, easy and relaxing. You are asked to make a diary of the food that you consumed a day prior to your appointment.

After the appointment, you will be asked to maintain a diary about new food habits, and activities. Based on this, the dietitian will be able to help you work out your food habits and help you towards a healthier lifestyle.