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Trenbolone: Effectiveness and Side Effects

Trenbolone is a most powerful anabolic steroid which is an injectable. It is a well-known fact that it is a veterinary grade steroid and not recommended for human use but still promoted by body building sites. The side effects are very nasty and dangerous as they are not meant for humans.

The dosage in men suggested by health experts is 50 mg per day in men. And study of its reaction on body is required to increase the dosage. It depends on the physical strength that the dosage can be increased 75mg to 100 mg every alternate day.

How does it work?

It releases IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor) inside muscle cell which repairs muscle fiber and related growth factors resulting faster muscle growth. It also increases nitrogen retention in muscles like other anabolic steroids. It also supress inflammation which was developed when tissue injured accompanying intense work-out. It has side effects which are not seen in other drugs. It is very powerful and potent drug which has affinity of receptors working 5 times faster than normal hormone testosterone. So this is to be avoided by female users or beginners. It causes increase in thyroid hormone and in some individuals it cause kidney and liver function failure. Though there are 3 variants in trenbolone and having same effect on body but there is only difference in lasting of the effect on the body. There are few supplements available which can be used as trenbolone alternatives to reduce the side effects.

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Side Effects and Dangers of Abuse:

One faces dangerous side effects when used this drug irresponsibly with over dosage. Even at low dosage also blood pressure needs to be monitored regularly. It is also not advised to take this drug when facing high blood pressure problem. It leads to heart failure, kidney failure, blindness too.

It has some estrogenic side effects like Gynaecomastia. Though trenbolone do not produce estrogen but it converts testosterone to estrogen causing these dangerous side effects.The mental side effects are not guaranteed but they got reported. Anxiety, Insomnia, depression and aggression are the results of abuse of the drug.

Severe acne is one of the common side effects of trenbolone. Already someone is sensitive to acne, it is common that risk of getting acne all over the body is higher especially face and back. Baldness is one of the side effects. The drug speeds up the process of hair loss causing it. Sweating at night and severe cough after taking the injection is also common.

It lowers sex drive in men by producing the hormone called prolactin. The elevated levels of this hormone also results in dysfunction of sexual organs. Tren causes too much dehydration in body resulting dark coloured urine. So lot of water intake in recommended with consumption of Tren. It also decreases cardiovascular endurance by going out of breath. It is not suggested to patients of Asthma.

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