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10 Different Types of Medical Examination Tables

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The use of medical exam tables are common in clinics and doctor’s ward in hospitals. The requirement of the right table depends upon the demand of doctor, his stream of practice and also the medical setting. Search the market to find high-quality and state-of-art tables ranging from Pediatric exam tables to Bariatric exam tables. The idea is to augment patient’s comfort to enable the physician to conduct an accurate and thorough examination in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for a fulfilling patient experience. Hence, getting the right table helps to evade barriers in the medical room and attain equality in healthcare for all.

examination table

Take A Look At The List That Entails Different Names Of Medical Examination Tables.

  • The Eco-friendly tables are designed in compliance with medical standards to ensure formaldehyde elimination present in composite wood products. These are environment friendly and provide air quality for medically vulnerable areas with an optimum environment for indoors.
  • Functionality and storage are the priorities in a clinic. There is a wide collection of quality and easy-to-store Cabinet Exam tables. These have a plethora of features ranging from shelves to enclosed cabinets and adjustable tops.
  • Bariatric tables are meant solely for bariatric patients to maximize stability and comfort. You can get extra weight capacity and size to meet everything from standard treatments to overall exams of patients.
  • A Gynecology exam is best suited to treat pregnant women, patients with gynecology-related patients and so on. These are ideal for specialty clinics and hospitals to suit to patients’ needs with the right features. The table encompasses all the required features that are most required to attend to gynecological issues.
  • To meet various Chiropractic needs and to make sure of spinal adjustments Chiropractic tables are commonly used by doctors. The tables are crafted with exceptional durability and strength and these are ideally used in clinics, hospitals, specialty care centers, and so on. The biggest plus point is that patients feel maximum comfort and support when lying down atop so that doctors can treat them under favorable conditions.
  • A Pediatrician wants to perform all kinds of pediatric exams at one location to ensure that a pediatric scale is fixed with length measuring infant meter and weighing scale to it. The objective is to reduce stress of patients and give them a favorable situation to be examined properly.
  • Check out the Sports Training tables. These are specially designed and meant for physical therapist or sports trainer. You will find that these tables are available in solid construction with upholstered foam padding. The best part is that the tables are available in affordable price and these are gym centers.
  • A Power exam table is more than just examining as it helps in treating at the same time. Also, referred to as procedure table, it offers absolute convenience and comfort for patient and physician. The Power features foot control allows easy adjustment for optimal and quick positioning of patients.
  • A Veterinary exam table has friendly and fun design that is appropriate for treating little friends. This provides relaxing alternative to clinical and sterile examination environments. Usually, the construction features fiberglass at the base and stainless steel platform for convenient clean-up and multiple years of use. Besides, the table is suitable for small pets and medium-sized animals.
  • When it comes to visiting a clinic for a regular check-up, you will find Medical treatment tables that are perfect for medical specialists, physical therapists and physicians. A table of this type is mostly constructed of sturdy wood and metal frame along with upholstered table top.

Thus, with options as mentioned above it is up to your choice to select best examination tables.