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Worthwhile Exfoliation Procedures In Beauty Clinics

For the longest time, people who want to peel off the old layer of their skin depended so much on commercial exfoliating creams. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. That is if the person using the cream wouldn’t mind a red and tender skin for a month. It’s not just painful, it’s also awkward especially for someone who needs to go to the office every single day.

Fortunately, skin care clinics have developed new ways of rejuvenating the skin over the years. The cosmetic industry isn’t one to be left out with technological advancement, after all. It’s a huge industry regardless of the fact that there are still some people who are apprehensive to get one.

The problem is that there seem to be too many treatments available today. Choosing one can become a huge burden. The paradox of choice. Fortunately, there are distinctions among these procedures that patients can look into before opting for one.

Chemical Peels

On the surface, a chemical peel may not seem that different from using commercial exfoliating cream. However, there are notable differences that make chemical peel worth going for. For one, a chemical peel can last a long time.

The typical exfoliating process using commercial creams can also expose the skin in its most sensitive state for more than a month. Not to mention that it looks weird to go to the office every day looking like workers from a fictional chocolate factory.

Another notable distinction of chemical peel is that there are different strengths available. Mild, medium and deep. Deep chemical peels aren’t for everyone, however. It’s only for patients who need drastic measures in renewing their skin cells. It’s also more stingy than others. Good thing clinics like The Facial Hub provide suggestions for creams to use for faster recovery.

The Well-Loved Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments in beauty clinics all over the world. It works by using a tool that peels off skin in small amounts. The sensation, as one might expect, can be uncomfortable for some. But with new tools available for use, it’s usually just a ticklish sensation.

The advantage of opting for a microdermabrasion lies in its unquestionable, tangible results. After all, it’s basically peeling off a layer of the skin using a crude but refined method. Nevertheless, a lot of patients opt for this procedure because it’s not as expensive as chemical peels.

To some people, that’s an advantage that’s not worth considering. But most people aren’t well-off enough to afford a chemical peel. Especially if they haven’t saved up for it.

Photorejuvenation Benefits

The IPL – intense pulsed light – is a procedure that uses a non-invasive tool to rejuvenate the skin. In effect, it helps the skin produce more collagen which will subsequently give the skin more structure. And yes, minimize wrinkles to some degree.

Although photorejuvenation is technically not peeling off a layer of the skin, it works well enough that patients typically won’t have to resort to peeling. But then again, that is a case to case basis as some will need exfoliation and rejuvenation for best results.

A session of photorejuvenation in Brisbane from specialists at The Facial Hub is well worth the investment. The skin loses its capability to produce sufficient collagen as age accumulates. Photorejuvenation provides the answer that a lot of aging faces have been praying for.

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