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Set your heart right with the appropriate procedure

The heart is considered as the most important organ of the human body. Heart valve surgery makes a kind of surgery to cure disease related to the heart valve. You find in this disease of the heart valve as a minimum one among the four valves which are meant to keep the flow of blood in the right course via the heart not doing its work properly.

In these valves are included a mitral valve, aortic valve, pulmonary valve, and tricuspid valve. Every valve is provided with a sort of flaps known as leaflets. The leaflets are found in tricuspid and mitral valves whereas the cusps are meant for pulmonary and aortic valves. These flaps get closed and opened at the time of every heartbeat. Seldom these valves do not close or open properly thus disrupt the flow of blood via the heart towards the body.

In the procedure of heart valve surgery, a well-trained surgeon replaces or repairs the valve that is affected. A lot of surgical procedures are brought in use to replace or repair heart valves in which are included simply an invasive kind of heart surgery and open heart surgery. It can be done easily because the heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is very economical.

The heart valve surgery is dependent upon a few factors in which are included the age, condition of the patient’s heart valve, healthiness along with the intensity of the condition of the patient.


  • Valvuloplasty
  • Annuloplasty

Need to do it

Surgery for heart valve shall be required in case the patient’s condition deteriorates, the condition becomes grave, or the patient is going through symptoms of dysfunction related to the valve. It is the patient’s doctor who can assess his condition so that to decide the correct treatment for him. In case the patient is experiencing symptoms as well as signs or his condition may be mild, the patient’s doctor shall advise scrutinizing his condition eventually. The patient’s doctor shall suggest some better changes in the patient’s lifestyle. The doctor can prescribe proper medication to deal with the patient’s signs.

Although, the valve of the patient will, in the end, require mending or replacing. In several instances, doctors can suggest mending of the heart valve or replacing it even though the patient is not having any symptoms. In case the patient requires heart surgery for some other condition, then doctors will perform surgery to mend or replace the diseased heart valve simultaneously.

It is sure that the patient’s doctor will talk to him whether mending of the heart valve or replacement shall be more befitting for the condition of the patient. Doctors do suggest repairing the heart valve if it is possible because it keeps the patient’s natural heart valve and also shall preserve the function of the heart. In several instances, the patient has to undergo replacement of the heart valve.

Doctors shall also assess whether he is a candidate for the simple invasive type of heart surgery. It is his doctor who will talk about the pros and cons of both the procedures.

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