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Where to buy Shakeology in USA

Where to buy Shakeology in USA

Shakeology is a product by Beachbody (Beachbody LLC; 3301-Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404; est-1998), a USA based company which offers a wide array of fitness nutrients like their P90X, Insanity and many more supplements. The company enjoys A+ rating by Beach Business Bureau.Where to buy Shakeology in USA

BeachBody does not distribute its Shakeology to the merchant or retail stores as it maintains to sell its product online though beachbody.com under varying packages. Unavailability in stores, on its own part, has a number of benefits intended to accommodate the prospective customers and preserve their hard-earned money. By an online order and direct home delivery you are sure to save cumbersome freight charges. The Company also dispatches a number of handy accessories in the consignment when a pack of Shakeology is parceled directly to individual customer’s house. Such add-ons may include “Shaker Cup”, “blender bottle”, Booklet and/or free workouts.

Online stores like Amazon, ebay also sell but you should have a direct deal as the company store is the most reliable and the most cooperative unit and is ever ready to cater for all of your needs and problems.

Beachbody processes individual orders on monthly basis also via its auto-shipping platform. Under this scheme valued customers are afforded the ease to change flavor, or in the case of hard-luck if any, get their order retracted through a simple email. Apart from this, 30-days pack carries a guarantee inscribed on its bottom also. If you in any of the remotest stroke, feels lees energized or little healthier after its intake, you can contact their custom support service to return the pack, even an empty one, and have your money back.

As it has to be, if Shakeology boosts your energy, thrill and zeal, you will surely want your delicious energizer in continuous supply. And to ensure it, all you need to do is contact Customer Service again and ask them to convert your current standard 30-days delivery plan into 45 or 60 days.

Beachbody also offers Club Membership program whereby you can avail the nutrient-rich Shakeology or other products for a mere $2.99 a week, saving 10% upon entire range of products. By this plan you are also awarded free access to online meal planner and Professional Trainers.

Beachbody also offers an extensive and all inclusive “Challenge Pack” deal for all those who intend to try a fitness program afresh or are beginners. This amazing deal have a plenty of perks for you. Along with redeeming your 30-days nutrient supply, now under this plan, you have the chance to take advantage of “Beachbody On Demand”, that is a custom workout plan well-suited your needs and preferences. Custom Diet plans and expert advice are other gains of the trade.

Now we humbly introduce you to the best of all package offers known as discount Team Beachbody Membership having a 25% discount on all the products. This monthly membership costs meagre $39.95 sign-up charges but once you select a Challenge Pack as your startup package the sign-up fee gets waived for your first month. Afterwards a minimized subscription fee at much i.e. about $15.95 is chargeable per month. Simple math can enlighten you about the fact that under this Coach Team Membership you will be saving each month an amount of around $15.

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