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When Can You Avoid Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Most people experience the growth of four molars after all other teeth fully appear in their proper places. These teeth, which are called wisdom teeth, get them from the fact that they won’t start their eruption sooner than 17. A dentist performing painless wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto describes that a long time ago, our ancestors had unusual diets that contained a lot of hard and raw food, and that’s why they had to have powerful teeth like those molars at the back of their mouth to properly chew these kinds of food. Nowadays, as we all know, our routine diet is completely changed, so there’s no need to have wisdom teeth. Besides, human jaws have significantly changed and become smaller; therefore, there’s not enough space in the area where wisdom teeth will erupt. As a result, these useless teeth can cause several life-threatening problems that can put your oral health at risk. But the necessary point that should be mentioned is that in some cases, they can keep their wisdom teeth if it is determined they are fully emerged and don’t threaten the health of adjacent teeth and structures. Here are all the important points in this regard.

 Preventing Wisdom Teeth Removal

Believe it or not, some people can keep their wisdom teeth, but some factors should be taken into account to ensure preserving them doesn’t interfere with proper oral functionality:

-The size of your jaw is the most important factor that should be accurately evaluated. Therefore, you should see your highly-experienced healthcare providers very soon before your wisdom teeth start their eruption. This is because they are the only ones that can check the size of your jaw and determine if it is big enough for the eruption of these teeth. Those with extra spaces in their upper and lower jaw can save them for their entire lives.

-The second step is considering the size of your wisdom teeth. It isn’t a good idea to save those smaller than surrounding molars because food particles will easily get stuck in their suites and increase the risk of severe decays. You can keep those fully erupted teeth that have a normal size because they won’t cause severe complications.

-One of the big reasons that convince all experienced dental professionals to extract these teeth is that they are located in sites that are hard to access; therefore, it is very challenging to keep them clean and free from bacterial infection, so the risk of a dental cavity will increase. If you can easily brush and floss them, you can have them for your entire life.

The Best Time to Undergo Wisdom Teeth Extraction

However, some people prefer to postpone teeth removal until these teeth cause pain; it is a good idea to get them extracted as soon as your dental professionals ensure they will cause severe issues and complications. In addition, early treatment will potentially eliminate the risk of surgical extractions. The other important reason for removing these teeth at an early age is that your body will heal properly and quickly when you are younger.

If you want to keep your wisdom teeth, there are certain conditions that you should look out for:

Don’t hesitate to see the nearest healthcare provider if you notice gum inflammation around these teeth because it is a clear sign that indicates severe complications may arise.

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