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The Importance of Prenatal Care Visits

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care visits are one of the most critical strategies for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Physicians usually advise pregnant women to start prenatal care visits when they realize they are pregnant. Prenatal care visits at Raveco Medical, Forest Hills, NY, a private medical practice, involve prenatal testing and checkups to ensure the woman and her unborn baby are healthy. Prenatal visits should be among your to-do lists if you want a smooth pregnancy. Prenatal visits are part of preventative care because they help physicians detect developing concerns early and thus enabling patients to receive the necessary medical intervention to prevent complications and jeopardize the pregnancy.

What is the role of physicians in prenatal care?

Prenatal care lasts throughout a woman’s pregnancy. How often you attend prenatal visits will depend on how far your pregnancy is. Fortunately, your care provider will develop a prenatal care schedule for you. Patients with underlying health conditions might need additional checkups to manage their disease and prevent associated complications from affecting the integrity of the pregnancy. Underlying health problems classify pregnancy as high risk and necessitate relatively more frequent prenatal care visits. It may be necessary to attend prenatal visits more often as a woman’s due date approaches.

How often will you have prenatal care visits?

The number of prenatal care visits you will attend throughout your pregnancy will depend on how far along you are from your due date. Another factor determining the frequency of prenatal care visits is any complications that might classify pregnancy as high risk. Physicians usually individualize prenatal care visits depending on the patient’s health. Prenatal care visits of healthy women between the ages of 18-35 include the following schedule:

  • Every month for the first 32 weeks
  • Every two weeks from weeks 32-to 37
  • Every week from 37wewks until delivery

What happens during prenatal care visits?

Women should research what happens during prenatal care visits to familiarize themselves with the process. Your physician will conduct various procedures throughout your pregnancy to appreciate crucial data determining your pregnancy status. Your first prenatal visit includes:

  • Reviewing your health history: You should inform your doctor about any underlying health problems and previous operations and pregnancies you might have had.
  • Reviewing family history: This stone is crucial in helping your physician detect risk factors that might predispose your pregnancy to complications.
  • Completing a physical exam: Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive physical examination on your body and reproductive organs to ensure optimal health status that will guarantee a seamless pregnancy. A pap smear may be necessary to detect any cell changes that indicate disease.
  • Checking blood pressure, height, and weight: These tests are necessary for early detection of health concerns during pregnancy and thus ensure that patients begin management and treatment protocols before they develop and cause complications.
  • Calculating your due date: Your physician will use vital data like the last day you had sex or got your period to determine when you will give birth.

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