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What Men Should do to Have a Healthy Glowing Skin

Skin Care for Men are highly necessary to maintain the brightness and shine of men’s skin. Our skin plays an important role in our body. It serves as a protection, sensation, control of evaporation, storage and synthesis, absorption, water resistant and thermoregulation. That is why we need to take good care of our skin. Historically, men’s skin is not well treated compared to women. But as days gone by, men are expected to have a healthier skin than women since they are becoming conscious about their looks.
As men grow older, the skin’s surface layer turns thin. The layer beneath the skin loses collagen and fat also shrinks. The skin can also be damaged through the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Because of that, men need to get more antioxidants from the food they eat to protect their skin and maintain its glow. Who says, women are the only people who wants to have a healthy and glowing skin?

What Men Should do to Have a Healthy Glowing Skin

Skin Care for Men According to the 3 Skin Types

  1. Men with Dry Skin• Don’t spend too much time in the shower because it might wash away the protective layer of the skin that locks moisture.Avoid winter woes for the skin to maintain its smoothness.• Don’t smoke because it causes dry skin.• Wet and moisturize your skin to be smooth.• Use a moisturizer to heal your dry skin.
    2. Men with Oily Skin• Try products that can cure your oily face and don’t hesitate to use them.• Be gentle and don’t apply too much exfoliating products.• Use oil free moisturizer because every skin needs extra moisture.• Men with this kind of skin must stay away from steroids.• Make a habit of drinking lots of water.
    3. Men with Rough Skin• Skin moisture must work with moisturizer for best result.• Wash your skin the right way.• Practice Product Prudence because what might work with others may not work for you.

Food for Skin Care for Men?

  • Fruits such as berries, citrus and apples are richer in antioxidants than any other fruit.
  • Veggies and beans can be added to fish and olive oil so your skin will be getting the nutrients it needs to achieve youthful smoothness.• Skinless Chicken, Fish and Nuts have proteins that help repair damage skin cells

.• Olive oil has oleic acid that fights skin inflammation.• Garlic gives the skin a healthy skin-protective polyphenols.

  • Green tea is a rich friendly skin beverage

.• Salmons and other Omega-3 foods keep the cell-membranes fluid.

  • Water is needed to keep your skin healthy, smooth and hydrated.
    Skin Care for Men Moisturizing Tips
    • Know when to apply moisturizer.
  • Pick a moisturizer with skin-repairing ingredients

.• Don’t equate the product’s price with its quality

.• Add an eye cream

.• Use different moisturizer for different seasons.

  • Moisturize before going to bed.• Go natural and use olive oil.
    Medical professionals often say that our skin reveals our general health and it shows on how delicate we are in caring for our skin. Skin Care for Men are highly advised in order for men to show the beauty of their skin, that they too are capable to have a younger looking skin just like what most women do.


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