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Anti Aging Products

Fellixmoscow Aging has always been a factor for over a decade. There has been many research and development and still going for better anti aging product. Aging which degrades the cells, produces signs which becomes visible on the outer appearance of human body, takes away the glow and its pigmentation. Signs like laxity or sagging, wrinkles (rhytids), photoaging, change in the skin coloration such as erythema (redness of the skin), dyspigmentation (brown discoloration), solar elastosis (yellowing) keratoses (abnormal growth). With the advent of technological advances, human life span has shortened which resulted in the early aging. Many companies with their R&D team has produced

Anti Aging Products

Anti Aging Products

nonetheless, the aging factor has not been resolved or weren’t able to lasting and positive effects. Companies like Garnier, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Origins, NIA 24, Kiehl’s, Lancome, Olay, Estee Lauder and the list goes on, are some of the best brands for the anti aging products.

Anti Aging Creams

contains ingredients that help to enhance the stimulation of the cells so as to increase the cell formation rate. Some of the ingredients are: Retinol – it is used in the form of retinyl palmitate which helps in reducing fine lines and pores.Alpha hydroxy acids – dermatologist believe AHA to remove the dead cells beneath the skins, hence daily usage of AHAs, would enhance the exfoliation of the epidermis which in turn exposes new skin cells. Peptides – such as Matryxil and copper peptides help to relaxes the muscle.Coenzyme Q10Argireline – which is also known as acetyl hexpeptide-3 relaxes the muscle and prevents the wrinkles and fine lines.Anti-oxidants – for any Anti Aging Product anti oxidants are very important like any other ingredients which helps in skin cells from the unstable molecules known as free radicals.Vitamin C – one of the most important ingredients as it helps in healing.

Anti Aging factors

Aging is a natural process however it can be altered only by slowed down by using multiprocessing intervention. Wherein the anti aging products are developed, it is also kept in mind that the change in lifestyle has its affect on the skin growth as well which is more hampered by the dietary changes as well. Many theories have been proposed towards the aging but there is hardly any relevant explanation. However, science is not left behind; researchers have identified some of the key factors or the disorders which leads to the cell/tissue aging. Some of the factors are immune impairment, sleep deprivation, obesity, poor nutrition, hormonal deficiency or deregulation, formation of glycated proteins etc. Most of the dermatologist suggest minimizing the intake of too much of sugar and saturated fats or can be substituted by omega-3, an essential fatty acid as a supplement. Another tissue damaging factor is the free radicals, which hampers the skin growth. Reactive oxygen molecules are formed during the body metabolism or during exercises. Antioxidants which generally include superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione, catalse, selenium and vitamin A, C, E which helps in formation of the new cells beneath the skin by absorbing free radicals.
The anti aging products could give the looks as before, and the aging could be slowed down if not stopped with a positive lifestyle and natural medication.

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