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What is Senior Housing?

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Senior housing is a wide term that is used to describe any kind of living facilities that are provided for the use of citizens who have reached the age for retirement. There are various types of senior housing available, with each kind designed to meet the needs of seniors in various states of health and with different grades of activity. Over the years, the concept of housing designed especially for senior citizens has become popular in many countries around the planet.

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Full Service

One of the most well-known examples of senior housing is the full-service nursing facility, often referred to as a nursing home. Senior housing of this kind is usually for people with not much limited mobility. Facilities in this category of elderly housing provide full-time nursing and other medical care for the residents, care taking of housekeeping needs, assistance with personal hygiene, and meal preparation for the inhabitants.

At Your Own Pace

For those seniors who still have good health and mobility, active adult living facilities such as retirement villages are in most cases the perfect solution. These facilities are often made up of apartment buildings, condominiums or garden homes that are together, all part of the same gated community. Residents living in a retirement village can come and go as they please, usually prepare their own meals within their very own living spaces and go shopping or get involved in hobbies as they see fit.

Such facilities usually provide an environment where there are activities that residents can participate in, such as organized trips, aerobics and special events or celebrations on various holidays. They may also include amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and even jogging tracks.

Minimal Assisted Living

For seniors who have limited mobility but can still provide a great deal of their own personal care, an assisted living facility is the ideal option. Assisted living communities usually afford individual living area for the inhabitants, such as an apartment or room. Meals in most cases are provided and served in a common dining room, even though some living units are fitted with compact kitchens where simple meals can be made ready.

Assisted living facilities in Australia maintain supervised transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, shopping trips, and activities and festivities that the residents can enjoy together. There is a nurse or other healthcare professional on hand to assist the senior housing residents with medication taking on time and to also check in on all residents on a rotating basis.

A Wide Variety

Due to the various needs of different senior citizens, the scope of senior housing facilities varies greatly. From dwellings that allow seniors to enjoy a great deal of autonomy while still providing appealing amenities and services, to total care facilities that seek to care for the elderly when they cannot help themselves, senior housing is there to attempt to meet the needs of senior citizens and help guarantee their remaining years are as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

With such a choice, the perfect place is not far away.

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