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What Are The Conditions and Signs of Pregnancy Test of A Woman?

The pregnancy test is normally done to be sure about a woman’s pregnancy. This test is performed using the sample of urine or blood of a woman to detect the presence of the hormone, named as HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin). When the pregnancy initiates in a woman, the placenta produces HCG hormone. The other reasons for pregnancy test are to diagnose the abnormal progression of pregnancy and molar pregnancy or gestational trophoblastic disease.

Perfect time for the pregnancy test

When you miss your period, you will have to wait for a week for taking a pregnancy test which will provide you the perfect result of your pregnancy test. Otherwise, you will have to wait for minimum one or two weeks after your sexual intercourse. When pregnancy initiates in your body, your body requires some time to produce sufficient levels of HCG which can be detected by the pregnancy test. The time for the successful implantation of an egg can be 7 to 12 days.

Conditions when will you take the pregnancy test

There are some condition and signs which will help you to understand that you will have to take a pregnancy test. Tools for pregnancy test are available in the market which will help you to perform your pregnancy test. These conditions and signs are:

  • Skipped period: The most reliable and important condition and the sign of your pregnancy is skipped period. Tracking of your period is essential to understand the menstrual cycle and is there is a need to take the pregnancy test. Sometimes, you can skip your period due to stress, exercise, and specific medical condition.
  • Feeling menstrual cramp: Sometimes, implantation of an egg can create a feeling like a menstrual cramp. You will feel uneasy and think that your period will start, but it will not come. In this condition, you should perform your pregnancy test.
  • Changes in the breast: More amounts of estrogen, as well as progesterone, are produced during your pregnancy period for giving support to your baby’s growth. Your breast will become tender and bigger in size due to the extra flowing of blood. Your nipples in the breast will become hurt and the appearance of the veins will become darker below the skin. Sometimes, you can feel uneasy in your breast due to your pregnancy.
  • Feeling of unusual condition: Sometimes, you can experience cramp including the other symptoms like exhaustion, nausea, a frequency of urination and food aversions.
  • Failing of your contraception: Due to the failure of different types of your contraceptive devices like condoms and pills for birth control you will have to perform the pregnancy test.

Urine testing for pregnancy

Urine testing for your pregnancy can be administered by yourself at home using a chemical strip and you will get the result instantly.

Blood testing for pregnancy

There are two types of pregnancy test using your blood and these are a quantitative HCG test and a qualitative HCG test. A quantitative HCG test will help to measure your exact quantity of HCG hormone present in your blood. A qualitative HCG test will help to detect the presence of HCG in your blood.

Finally, you can choose the best pregnancy test toolkit to be confirmed about your pregnancy.