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Vaping Makes Former Smokers Both Healthier and Wealthier

If you ‘smoke’ an e-cig, you can save over £1,000 per year by choosing to vape instead of smoke. Whilst the CDC and similar health organisations will not support nicotine consumption, new research recently published by Public Health England found that ‘smoking’ e-cigs is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Recent Developments

The research, which received funding from the Department of Health in the UK, noted that about 50% of the public erroneously assumes that e-cigs and vapourisers are as bad for a person as a pack of cigarettes. Some also believe that vapourisers can lead to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, contrary to these beliefs, the report showed that e-cigs can be used to help people quit smoking instead.

E-cigs Are More Affordable

What the research did not reveal were the cost savings that are involved in choosing to vape e-cigarettes instead of using traditional varieties. According to NerdWallet, a disposable e-cigarette will save you well over £1,000 per year if you give up the smoking habit. This discovery can help people who smoke and who also need the extra money. Statistics show that tobacco use is much higher among people in lower income groups.

If you really wish to keep your vaping expenses down, you might also try purchasing a reusable e-cig with liquid refills, which will reduce the cost by another £500 annually. That amount calculates to an average savings of around £1,800 per year. If you cannot kick the smoking habit, choosing to vape is one way to keep the costs of smoking down and improve your health as well.

A Cleaner and Healthier Approach

In order to make the transition, you only need to buy a starter kit. Doing so will acquaint you with the e-cigarette and its individual components. You can also review the various e-liquids that you can use in your e-cig initially. What is great about this form of ‘smoking’ is that the vapour that is produced does not linger in the air or on you. It disappears soon after you puff on the device. Plus, with an e-cig, you don’t have to worry about waste in the form of cigarette butts or ashes. It is simply a cleaner, healthier and less costly way to enjoy a ‘smoke.’

Plus, you are not technically considered to be smoking, so you can use the e-cig in far more venues as well. Legally, you can vape an e-cig in areas that are off-limits to traditional smokers. Therefore, you can expand on your social life at the same time.

Studies also show that people who give up tobacco cigarettes and choose to vape reduce the incidence of asthma or respiratory distress in their households. If you have kids or are a pet owner, making the choice to vape is helpful to those who live with you as well.

The benefits are obvious. If you want to quit smoking but find it hard to do, you have a healthier, lower cost alternative. Some people vape part of the time and smoke part of the time until they get used to using an e-cig kit. Take some time to explore your options today.