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Understanding Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is usually prescribed by the General Practitioner to focus not on fixing a particular health issue, but to keep you healthy and ensure a particular disease not impacting your lifelong. Preventive medicine is taken to reduce the disease, disability, and death when the health issue is detected in a much earlier stage. Living a healthy lifestyle by having a balanced diet, exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting, or not smoking are all a part of preventive medicine to prevent a particular disease from maximizing. It involves the latest innovative technology and medical expertise to assess the risk, detect any particular condition early, and provide the appropriate treatment at the right time. Through an in-depth assessment, the medical experts will be able to provide help in ensuring the health issue to be reduced or not emerge.

The lifesaver – preventive medicine

The preventive medicine specialist is a licensed medical doctors with the proper acquaintance of the range of health care skills. They are the experts with vast medical knowledge in the areas of epidemiology, biostatics, evaluation of health service, research, and practice of prevention in a clinical setting. And applies their study and experience in the improvement of socio-economic health and even stop the spread of disease through prevention and health promotion. There are several reasons why a Broadgate Private GP London prescribes the preventive medicine

  • Using the medication combined with the latest technology to evaluate the health problem
  • Limiting the severity of health issue with the timely diagnosis
  • Change the lifestyle of the individual by timely detection of the risk and underlying cause of a particular disease
  • Providing the right treatment when noticed at the starting or earlier stage
  • Prevent disability and preserves autonomy when the person is aging

The preventive medicine sub-specialty areas

Preventive medicine has three subdivisions in the specialty areas

Public Health and General Preventive Medicine

Under this sub-specialty area, the major focus would be to promote health and prevent the disease in an individual or a community. The practitioners use their knowledge, skill, and experience in the clinical testing environment and the public health to build the healthcare system that helps in the prevention of the disease, disability or death that it could cause. Practitioners under public health and general preventive medicine work for the primary care and public health units, government agencies, and private healthcare centers to offer health care to the individuals, community, and population level.

Occupational Medicine

The major focus of occupational medicine is on the physical and mental health of the workers. It helps in seeking the improvement of physical, structural, and social conditions of the workplace for the office staff to enjoy their work comfortably and securely. Occupational medicine practitioners work with the small to large business corporations and help them with the employee health plan design, and plan the improved safety at the workplace to promote a healthy life for the workforce.

Aerospace Medicine

The health and safety of crew members and passengers in the air and space vehicles is the focus of aerospace medicine. The practitioner works closely with the assist the personnel by working in remote locations and severe psychological and physical stress conditions. They promote health even under several unique hazards that are not found in the other work environment.

Talk to Broadgate Private GP London to understand more about preventive medicine. Preventive medicine can be beneficial when the GP diagnoses and detects the health issue at the right time. The GP at Broadgate London provides tailored treatment for every patient through regular health screening, vaccination, the Same day or appropriate medical treatment, and continuity of care. Contact us today!