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Top Signs That Show It’s Time To Change Your Hand Pipes

Smoking through hand pipes are healthier than direct smoking. Having said that, we mean, when you use a hand pipe for smoking, the smoke that goes down to your lungs contains less nicotine and resins compared to direct smoking of a cigar. Therefore, you should grow the habit smoking with hand pipes. But, you may not find a ready-made hand pipe in your niche market. Hence, you should choose the hand pipes supplier in advance so that you do not compromise the comfort and pleasure of smoking with a hand pipe.

Since the life of a hand pipe is short, you have to keep at least a couple of those in your stock especially when you use glass made hand pipes. Having said that, we mean, hand pipes made of clay, morta (also known as abonos or Bog Oak) etc. last longer than the glass pipes. But, the challenge remains with your ability to clean those hand pipes frequently. Unless those are cleaned, you have to compromise the comfort of smoking along with the health. Therefore, it is important to know when the time is right for changing a hand pipe.

Signs that tell you to change a hand pipe:

Ageing of a pipe

Age of a product takes a toll on it. It means wear and tear are natural with everything that you use on the everyday basis. Your hand pipes aren’t an exception here. On many occasions, you see that your hand pipes looking dull or a portion of it is damaged. In all such cases, changing your hand pipe is a must failing which you will create a bad impression about you in the eyes of your friends and colleagues, for instance. Besides, such a hand pipe will be easily noticed by your visitors. A situation like this may also create a telltale about you in sharp contrast with your personality and style.    

Inconvenience of smoking

Unless you keep changing your hand pipes regularly, you are surely going to face discomfort at the time of smoking. You will require more breath at the time of puffing that, in turn, will exert pressure on your lungs and heart. Your hand pipes supplier can effectively guide you here. After all, a supplier of hand pipes is to deal with such problems everyday especially from his customers.  


Hand pipes may develop cracks over the time. Smoking with a crack pipe isn’t convenient. On top of it, a crack pipe will cause serious health issues and cracks are common with the glass pipes. Therefore, you should never be late to change your hand pipe in this case.  

Out of fashion

You often smoke in the company of your business partners, friends, and colleagues. Hence, choosing the latest hand pipes for smoking can spell your distinct personality and style to them.

In short, you are the best judge here with a view to deciding the right time of changing a hand pipe and the hand pipes supplier in your niche market. This becomes an imperative to you especially when you return empty-handed many an occasion due to non-availability of the quality hand pipes that you want from a supplier.