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Top 6 interesting ways to give fruits to babies

Babies just want to nibble chocolates and candies. But that makes them prone to cavities. They are in their growing years and so need a lot of nutrition. Fruits are the ideal super foods that must be given to your babies. However, babies and even toddlers really are notorious and you have a hard time convincing them to have fruits.

Note: Mother’s milk is very vital for babies during the first 6 months. So please take care not to introduce these foods during this period. For mothers who are having difficulty feeding their babies due to latching issues, they can use Medela pump in style advanced electric pump to extract milk.

But these are some interesting ways to hide fruits in some yummy recipes:

1) Juices and shakes

Juices like sugar cane juice, grape fruit juice and even mix fruit juice are delicious and tempting in colours. You can put some umbrella or curvy straws. Also shakes like strawberry shake and banana shakes are a cool way of giving milk and fruits together. Liquids are easier to be given and take a very short time to be gulped in.

2) Custard

The various flavours available like butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and even tuty fruity are so lip smacking. Cutting fruits in interesting shapes makes it look all the more attractive. Also this is loved by kids while it’s super easy to make. And it can be stored for a day or two. But the custard powder is not a good ingredient if taken in large amounts, hence try making a flowy custard with a lot of full crème milk.

3) Fruit sticks

They look great and with you interesting phrases will be a great breakfast. Cut fruits in some nice dices or scoop the pulp out and put them in tooth pick. For making it healthier keep a honey dip. Take a fruit stick and dip it in honey. You can even add some nuts to the sticks.

4) Jellies and jams

Jellies and jams made at home during the season of the fruit is a great way to let your babies have them without knowing it. They can be stored for long. They can be used for making sandwiches or mixed in crème to make nice dips. The mix fruit jam and crème dip is the best thing to have for a healthy breakfast.

5) Ice creams

Ice creams are the last rescue. This is for summer season because kids easily catch cold. You just need to pulp out the fruits and mix them in milk or make a crush and freeze them with sticks. For making the ice cream more attractive and desirable add some caramelised sugar crunchy bits.

Ice creams like avocado – kiwi ice cream, strawberry ice cream and even mango ice cream are great when they are home made. You can even make vanilla ice cream using natural vanilla beans. Chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate or white chocolate are healthier options than using coco powder.

6) Tarts and pies

The apple pie or the craneberry tart is the best way to give your little ones some fruity snacks. Also you can make Apple cinnamon rolls or can also make mixed berry tarts. Add a dressing of fresh whipped crème to give them a cup cake look.

These are some ways to make your babies have the hale and hearty fruits. Also it is important that you tell your babies about the good things fruits do to you. In the end it is the best to have fruits naturally and in the real form. Cooking methods are also very important when it comes to keeping the nutrients intact. Throwing away the fruit peels and over cooking or adding unnecessary artificial colouring agents would do more harm than not having fruits at all!! So cultivate fruit eating habits in your babies starting with these ideas. Share your ideas with us in the comments section!!