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Testosterone Therapy – Some Common Misconceptions That Should Be Avoided By You

testosterone therapy

There are many misconceptions prevailing in the minds of people taking testosterone replacement therapy. Some mistakes may even seriously impact your quality of life. Here are some of the common mistakes that are encountered.

Going for unreliable sources of Testosterones

There are many people, who buy testosterone without any kind of prescription from their doctor. In some cases, men buy it from the black market because their doctor doesn’t find it worthy for them to use testosterone.

You may end up facing legal consequences if you buy testosterone without prescription. Moreover, you may even end up purchasing fake products that may merely contain sesame, grape-seed, or peanut oil under the name of real products. As a result, you are exposing yourself to the contaminants that may cause you infection.

Not researching well about several options available

There is indeed a wide array of testosterone options available to you. So, it is essential to take out sufficient time to figure out the best choice for you. There are various factors that must be considered while selecting the best testosterone therapy for you.

Some of the major factors involve insurance coverage, cost, convenience, allotment of time to strictly follow the schedule, physician familiarity of several products, fear of needles, etc. Every testosterone option can have some benefits as well as drawbacks that may be more appropriate for some people, so take special care while selecting hormone therapy.

testosterone therapy

Not visiting doctors when you need to

When you first start the testosterone therapy, your doctor will probably put you on initial dose below the level that you actually need. This startup dose can be too high or too low. After that, he/she will need to recheck the level of your testosterone at regular intervals. This will go on until you achieve a therapeutic or stable level.

Moreover, your doctor may even use follow-up visits in order to track your cholesterol levels, hematocrit levels, and prostrate health to look out for any side effects. Apart from following up the doctors, sometimes changing doctors can also be a difficult task. So, it is important to go only for the reliable and well educated doctors.

Leading a “Testosterone – Unfriendly” Lifestyle

If you are a regular smoker, drink more than normal during a day, you are overweight, don’t keep your lipids or blood sugar in control, don’t go for regular checkups, it is sure that you are not living a testosterone friendly life. All these factors greatly influence your long term health and sexual function.

Extreme consumption of alcohol can drop the testosterone levels drastically. You can follow some healthy habits and prevent yourself from such a loss.

Not linking-up with other patients

Information must be shared and not be isolated. Same goes here. Isolating your information can make you less effective patient. There are indeed many online groups of men that discuss issues related to testosterone. You can share your experiences and even learn from other’s experiences.

It can be an effective way to optimize the benefits of the therapy that you are using. It is better to gather enough information and tricks rather than just relying on everything that your doctor tells you.

To conclude, if you want to follow a thorough and effective Testosterone replacement therapy, then avoid the following mistakes. Only then, you will succeed!