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Some wonderful positions to breastfeed the newborn baby

Doctors and pediatricians across the globe recommend mothers of newborn babies to breast feed them until they grow to a certain age. Breastfeeding is considered to be good for the baby and can help him/her to grow strong and intelligent. There are many women who may have given birth to babies for the first time and might not know how to breast feed their babies the right way. Although the basic breastfeeding g techniques may seem to be simple and easy, it may not always come naturally. By learning the different breast feeding positions can help the mother to prevent problems and to have a more satisfying and successful experience.

What are the best positions for breastfeeding newborn?

There are recommended several positions for breastfeeding babies. Each position does come with its own merits. Some pointers are likely to apply which needs to be understood. Firstly, it would be necessary for the new mothers to be comfortably seated and to get plenty of background support. She should sit in a way that she gets adequate support to her arms and back and her feet is put up.

Next, the baby is to be placed close to the mother, so that the little one does not have to turn his/her head often. The small one’s face needs to be facing the mother’s nipple. The infant’s back is to be supported properly to ensure that his/her chin faces the mother’s breast. Then the baby is to be brought to the nipple and his/her nose touches it. Hunching or bending while feeding the baby can bring pain to the back and neck and even cause sore nipples. The nipple may hurt, if the baby latches on to it.

Know the best position for baby while breastfeeding

  • Cross Cradle Hold: This position requires the mother to use a chair having armrests. The baby is to be held in the arm crook, across from breast, from where the little one is to be fed. For right breast, it needs to be the left arm and vice versa. The baby’s head is to be supported with open hand. The other hand is to be used for supporting the breast from underneath. The baby’s mouth is to be guided to the breast if required. She should not lean forward or bend over.
  • Cradle Hold: While the baby is cradled on the mother’s lap, he/she is likely to be on the side, resting hip and shoulder, and mouth leveled to the nipple. The baby can be lifted with pillows and the mother’s elbow supported. For the initial weeks, pillow support would be necessary, as the baby is tiny. Also, the breast is to be supported.
  • Laid back breastfeeding: This position requires the bay to lie on a couch or bed in a manner that adequate support’s the mother’s shoulders and head. The key here is providing plenty of support and being comfortable. The baby can be rested in any position in which the mother feels comfortable. The cheek of the little one can be rested upon the beast and mouth guided to the nipple.

The above are just few of the breastfeeding positions that mothers of newborns may follow to satisfy their little one’s hunger.