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Should You Have Your Buttocks Augmented

For many people who are unhappy with their body, the thought of having corrective or cosmetic surgery fills them with fear and dread. The key to any sort of cosmetic surgery is to understand all of the consequences beforehand. It is vital to talk to a qualified professional about preparation, the impact of the surgery itself, the recovery time, and the benefits. Indeed, for anyone even thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery, including buttock augmentation, it is important to be psychologically prepared for the impact it will have on the way that you feel and the way that other people react to you.

Are You Happy with Yourself?

The truth is that many people are not very happy with the way they look, but it is not always because of vanity. In truth, we live in a hugely competitive world, and our looks are judged every time we step out of the door. For some people this doesn’t matter too much, but for others it can cause some pretty devastating consequences, including the following:

  • Extreme anxiety that they may never be perceived as good enough or beautiful enough
  • Depression due to a range of negative emotions caused by the self-perception of not being whole
  • Social anxiety and awkwardness as one deals with the fact that society deals harshly with those who are not considered pretty or beautiful

There is clearly a fine line where unhappiness with oneself ends and body dysmorphia begins, but most people agree that cosmetic surgery for the right reasons can add a great deal more self-confidence to our everyday experience. For this reason alone, a procedure like buttock augmentation with fillers can have some very positive benefits.

A Better You

Unlike implants, injecting the buttocks with fat promotes a far more natural appearance. After surgery, the buttocks will appear rounder and fuller when using this method of enhancement. For many women, the frustration and personal pain of yo-yo dieting does not provide them the body that they desire. This is where a buttock augmentation procedure provides the following benefits:

  • Confidence: The primary objective in most cosmetic surgery is to facilitate a greater sense of self-confidence post-surgery.
  • Clothing: One of the benefits of buttock augmentation which many people don’t think about is the fact that it actually makes for a better fit when it comes to clothing. Pants, jeans, and skirts all look significantly different when the buttocks are larger, and this enhanced appearance can increase self-confidence.
  • Youthful: Buttocks that are fuller make the hips appear shapelier, and also make the waist appear thinner. This has the effect of making one look more youthful and fertile.

Of course, seeking self-confidence through a procedure such as buttock augmentation is simply one aspect of discovering one’s inner beauty, but by reshaping externalities it is often the case that our self-perceptions become re-programmed. Bearing this firmly in mind, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified professional before undergoing any cosmetic surgery to discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and possible psychological effects it may have.