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Seizen Growth Hormone – A Comprehensive know how

Every part of the body is designed to work in a certain pattern. If that does not happen, then there are abnormalities in the human body. One such type is of growth hormones. Sometimes, due to damage to pituitary gland or birth defect, this gland does not function properly. Thus, doctors suggest hormone replacement therapy. In the process, the synthetic hormones are prescribed. One such growth hormone booster is Seizen growth hormone. The synthetic growth hormones were developed in 1985 and have been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Authority).It is used to simulate the normal functions of pituitary gland. Usually, pituitary gland which is located in the brain, releases certain type of chemical in the blood stream, which improves the process of mitosis. Mitogen is chemical compound which accelerates the process. Thus, the growth hormones behave like a Mitogen. 

What is Seizen Growth Hormone? How does it work?

The Seizen growth hormone can be prescribed by the doctor. They simulate muscle growth and protein synthesis. It contains amino acids that boost the HGH (human growth hormone) levels. It even helps the athletes or strength trainers to escalate their recovery time between workouts. They also promote fat burning to obtain leaner frame. The synthetic growth hormone is designed not to impersonate the naturally produced hormones. However, the chemical constructions may be similar. The only difference between synthetic and natural hormones is that former is exogenous (externally taken) and later one is endogenous (produced inside the body).

The pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the human body, since it controls maintenance and functions of numerous glands and hormone secretions. In this case, the growth hormone is released as a chemical messenger by hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus will release a chemical messenger to simulate growth hormone secretions. The growth hormone simulates cellular reproduction and regeneration. It is responsible for development of bones, muscles and maintenance of tissues throughout our lifetime. Thus, the growth hormones play a pivotal role in the human development.Saizen growth hormone is popularly used and is only prescribed medicine in the market today. Saizen replicates the growth hormone proteinIt improves the growth hormone deficiencies in adults, older aged people.

Benefits and Side-Effects:

  • It increases the bone density by reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • It also decrease body fat mass.
  • Increases the urge to exercise and activity capacity by improving immunity of the body.

It can be also used by paediatric and adult patients. The dosage of intake depends on numerous factors such as age, weight, gender, diagnosis and nature of defect.

Like with every medicine, even the growth hormone- Saizen have few side-effects. They are usually mild but one should consult their physician for monitoring. Some common side-effects are Hypoglycemia, Hpothyroidism, psporasis or body fluid imbalance. Excess usage may cause short bowel syndrome, rare pituitary tumours, kidney diseases and Turner’s syndrome. It is advised to consult your doctor, if you experience any kind of symptoms.